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The Umbrella Academy is a popular tv show about a family coming back to their family house because of the death of their adoptive father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves. In the beginning, at the exact same time and day, forty-three women gave birth on October 1, 1989 and neither of the forty-three women were pregnant before giving birth. Sir Reginald Hargreeves tried to buy the women’s babies and ended up with seven children; Vanya Hargreeves, Ben Hargreeves, Five, Klaus Hargreeves, Allison Hargreeves, Diego Hargreeves, and Luther Hargreeves. Ironically, the month this article is being written is October and it’s the same as when the forty-three babies were born. However, there was something different about these babies. In the beginning, almost all of these children knowingly had superpowers and Sir Reginald Hargreeves trained the children to control and nurture their abilities. All though, Sir Reginald Hargreeves is not as well with children as he is with training them. This is especially true with Vanya, as he repeatedly tells her that she is not “special.” This phrase is seemingly referring to the children who have powers. For example, Allison can force people to do her bidding, by saying the phrase, “I heard a rumor…” These powers can range from the abnormal & complex, to mundane superpowers. Abnormality in the Hargreeves family can be embodied by Ben, as he can issue tentacles from his stomach, and the mundane powers can be embodied by Luther, as he has super strength. With abnormal and mundane powers, an emotional abusive father, and an isolated sister, this family has some issues. Which brings them to the present day, they all meet up to the family house with issues with each other and their own father. They meet up for their father’s funeral and there is a lot of tension as Vanya, the isolated child in the family, made a book about their dysfunctional family. Which angered most of the family members and although it is represented in more than others. They also meet up with their robot mom and an enhanced chimpanzee named Pogo, that was a close associate of Sir Reginald Hargreeves that knew the children when they were little. The robot, which is named “mom”, was built by Sir Reginald Hargreeves that named the children (Sir Reginald Hargreeves named them by number) and took care of them.


I would rate this show a 9/10 for it’s acting, production, and overall plot. It takes a mundane trope of superheroes and turned it into a renowned show. Unfortunately, we still have to wait till the next season comes out, but with the cliffhanger it left us at, I’m sure it’ll be a blast!