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Ten Things You Can Do When Sick

Last week I got hit with one of the worst headache and cold combinations I’ve had in a while. I was stuck in bed for upwards of three days.

if you’re like me, someone who loves being active and putting in work hours, being sick can be the worst. Especially the kind of sick where you’re not knocked down but still aren’t 100%. You’re basically stuck in bed, even though you’re wide awake. You’re not sick enough to sleep but you’re sick enough to get bored.

Being the budding workaholic that I am, I figured I’d put together a list of things you can do if you’re sick after my experience in bed rest. Hopefully, they’ll help you out if you ever find yourself in mandated home quarantine. 

1) Stay Hydrated

This one isn’t so much something to kill boredom but something necessary all the same. Living in a place like Florida I feel like none of us get enough water to begin with. Being sick means you get dehydrated a lot faster, so drinking fluids is a must.

2) Catch Up On Some Reading.

This is something you can do from the comfort of your own bed. Picking up a book can also help you kill boredom. You can escape into the story and forget you’re stuck in bed as you slay the dragon or catch the guy, or follow along with whatever the MC of your choice is doing.

3) Binge Watch That Netflix Show.

Back in the olden days of cable t.v we all had that one time we stayed home sick from school and got to watch cartoons. Now, we have the updated version. If you’re going to be home all day you might as well catch up on the latest seasons and new releases. Or you could just watch that show that you’ve watched three times start to finish. ( we all have one)

4) Bug Your Friends.

All my friends know that when I’m sick I’m 110 percent more liable to blow up their phones with texts. What can I say, I don’t handle boredom well.  On a less joking note, if you have a friend you can text or video chat with, staying home or in bed gets a lot less boring, and time passes a lot faster. 

5) Order Food

No one likes doing much when they’re sick, less of all cooking. If you’re able to, use this as an excuse to order in. Treat yourself, you’re sick.

6) Have Some Soup

if you are able to cook, however, there are about a million recipe sites full of homemade soup recipes that are guaranteed to make you feel better. If you feel up to it, it’ll kill a lot of time and stave off boredom. And it’ll taste great.

7) Do Some Crafts.

Things like drawing, knitting or even crocheting can be done from your bed and are a good way to both reduce stress. They don’t take a lot of energy and at the end of the day, you’ll feel like you’ve done something productive.

8) Play Some Games.

Whether it’s a FPS on your game station of choice or just Candy Crush on your phone, playing a game can make staying home a lot more bearable. Use your day off to defeat a boss battle or gain a trophy that isn’t real. Have some fun. Remember, you’re home because you’re sick, you deserve it.

9) Listen to Music.

Something else that has a knack for making time pass faster is music. If you’re stuck at home, or worse in bed, try pulling out your favorite playlist app and listening to your favorite songs.

10) Sleep.

At the end of it all, if you’re sick your body needs rest. When none of these things do the trick it might be just better to take a nap. Resting will make you recover faster in the long run. And you’ll be back on your feet all the sooner. 

Ana Cedeno is a journalism major and campus correspondent for Broward College. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, she immigrated to the United States when she was twelve years old and continued her education in the sunny, politically contradictory, swamp state of Florida. She has since been published by both her college newspaper and the online grassroots journalism publication Rise Miami News. A fan of literature since age 6, she's an enthusiast of language and making her opinion known, while still hearing out the other side and keeping an open mind for growth.
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