St. Patricks Day Trivia Quiz

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1. According to folklore, if you catch a leprechaun, he'll promise you a pot of gold if you let him go. What must you do to get it?

  • Give him a four-leaf clover
  • Never take your eyes off him
  • Throw a penny in a wishing pond
  • Offer to wash his feet

2. True or False: St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was born in Ireland.

  • True
  • False

3. In which city was St. Patrick's Day first celebrated in the United States?

  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • Boston 
  • Chicago

4. According to tradition, each leaf of a four-leaf clover represents something: faith, hope, luck and....

  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Stardom

5. When St. Patrick first arrived in Ireland he was a:

  • Priest
  • Cobbler
  • Slave
  • Leprechaun

6. What year did the United States first celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

  • 1737
  • 1855
  • 1942
  • 1988

7. Which of the following is considered the most traditional St. Patrick's Day meal?

  • Irish stew
  • Corned Beef and Cabbage
  • Shepherd's Pie
  • Spaghetti and meatballs

8. Some say St. Patrick's Day is the luckiest day of the year to do what?

  • Leave on a journey
  • Be born
  • Get married
  • Join a rock band

9. True or False: The first official St. Patrick's Day parade in New York City was in 1762.

  • True
  • False

10. A shamrock usually has how many leaves?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

11. How did St. Patrick, according to legend, make all the snakes leave Ireland?

  • Killing them
  • Playing the flute
  • Pounding on drums
  • Singing "Who Let The Dogs Out"

12. According to Irish legend, what must you do to the Blarney Stone to get the gift of gab?

  • Break off a piece
  • Rub it
  • Hit it five times
  • Kiss it

13. In old Irish superstition, if a black cat crosses your path on a full moon, what does it mean?

  • You are surrounded by evil spirits
  • There will be an epidemic
  • You'll have good luck
  • You'll stub your toe on the way home

14. What is the traditional profession for a leprechaun?

  • Blacksmith
  • Haberdasher
  • Cobbler
  • Computer programmer

15. What did St. Patrick use to illustrate the concept of the Holy Trinity?

  • A shamrock
  • A seamroy
  • A trefoil
  • All of the above

16. According to Irish superstition, on which day of the week is it considered unlucky to marry?

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

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