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Popular Career Choices by Type

Based off of the last article was described of the different majors for every single personality type while in a college or university! Now let’s move on into the real world, careers! 

  • ESTP, Let’s Get Busy!: a Paramedic or Firefighter, Pro Athlete, Auditor, Field Sales Rep, Optometrist, Marketing Professional, Promoter, Stockbroker, and General Contractor.
  • ISTP, Doing the Best with What I’ve Got!: a Farmer, Construction Worker, Pilot, Computer Specialist, Banker, Intelligence Agent, Park Ranger, Engineer, Police or Security.
  • ESFP, Don’t Worry, Be Happy!: a Lifeguard or Rec.Attendant, Child Care Worker, Sales Representative, Travel Agent, Receptionist or Secretary, Promoter or Fund – Raiser, Respiratory Therapist, Film Producer, Waiter or Waitress.
  • ISFP, It’s the Thought That Counts!: an Administrative Assistant, Fashion Designer, Chef, Physical Therapist, Beautician, Landscape Designer, Storekeeper or Clerk, Dental Assistant, or Bookkeeper. 
  • ESTJ, Taking Care of Business!: a Teacher either for a Trade School or Technical, Project Manager, School Administrator, Factory Supervisor, Executive, Military Officer, Public Official, Bank Officer, and Insurance Agent.
  • ISTJ, Take Your Time and Do It Right!: a Steelworker, Veterinarian, Police or Detective, Accountant or Auditor, Manager or Administrator, Military Officer, Engineering Technician, Efficiency Analyst, and Estate Planner.
  • ESFJ, What Can I Do For You?: a Nurse or Physical Therapist, Pediatric Medicine, Teacher K – 12, Retail Owner or Operator, Athletic Coach, Flight Attendant, Hairdresser, Office Manager, and Home Economist.
  • ISFJ, On My Honor, To Do My Duty!: a Physician either for a family or a general practitioner, Dietitian or a Nutritionist, Teacher either at a preschool or an elementary school, Guidance Counselor, Librarian, Nurse, Optician, Clerical Supervisor, or a Probation Officer.
  • ENTJ, Everything’s Fine, I’m in Charge!: an Executive or CEO, Investment Broker, Business Consultant, Attorney or Judge, Sales Manager, Credit Investigator, Marketing Personnel, Computer Professional, or a Franchise Owner.
  • INTJ, Competence + Independence = Perfection!: a Computer Programmer, College Professor, Chemical Engineer, Lawyer or Judge, Architect, Scientist, Management Consultant, Strategic Planner, or Investment Banker.
  • ENTP, Life’s Entrepreneurs!: a Politician, Sales Manager, Venture Capitalist, Systems Analyst, Market Researcher, Strategic Planner, Management Consultant, Advertising Director, Newscaster or a Reporter.
  • INTP, Ingenious Problem Solvers!: a Researcher, Computer Programmer, Chemist or a Biologist, Lawyer, Financial Planner, Mathematician, Technical Consultant, Artist, Photographer, or a College Professor.
  • ENFJ, The Public Relations Specialist!: a Writer or Journalist, Psychologist or a Counselor, Clergy or a Priest or even a Rabbi, Entertainer or an Actor/Actress, Marketing or Public Relations, Recruiter, Trainer or Consultant, a Teacher at a college, or a Physician either for a family or a general practitioner.
  • INFJ, Catalyst for Positive Change!: a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, Clergy, Novelist or Playright, Human Resources, a Teacher either teaching English or Drama, Educational Consultant, Social Worker, Mediator, or a Speech Pathologist.
  • ENFP, Anything’s Possible!: a Journalist, Character Actor, Marketing Consultant, Advertising Director, Corporate Trainer, a Teacher teaching either Drama or Music, a Counselor or Psychologist, Musician, Composer, or a Photographer.
  • INFP, Still Waters Run Deep!: a Minister or a Priest or even a Rabbi, a Musician or a Composer, a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist, HR Development, Educational Consultant, a Social Worker or a Counselor, a Writer or an Editor or even a Reporter, an Artist or an Entertainer, or a Teacher teaching either special education or art. 

Remember: All 16 personality types can be successful in any profession!

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