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Meet The Queen: Nicole Forero

Name: Nicole Forero

Student Services Position Title: Designer & Creative Arts Specialist

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Cali, Colombia


1. How did you discover Her Campus?

I discovered Her Campus thanks to one of its leaders, and her great diffusion skills. I had the opportunity to assist to one of their events in partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

2. How would you describe yourself in three words?

Creative, diligent, selfless.

3. What are some of your biggest accomplishments at Broward College?

Having the opportunity of working alongside great leaders in our community. My experience in Broward College has been one of personal and professional growth that I am highly proud of.

4. What made you decide to want to work for the college?

Commodity. I began working at Broward College as a work-study, when I still took classes on campus. Having the flexibility of maintaining a job whilst going to college was the decisive factor for me.

5. What has working at Broward College done for you?

When I decide to move past Broward College, I will be happy to say that the experience here has molded me into the future professional, carrer-driven woman that I’ll be. I have learned extensively from being immersed in everything that is done here in the day-by-day.

6. How did you become so creative in both computers and technology?

Creativity for me is a necessity. The ability to stretch out personally and express it through tangible channels will always be a part of me. I will continue to learn newer ways to express my creativity, may it be through my art, graphic design, writing, or whatever I’m passionate about. I owe what I know to my curiosity. Most of the things I’ve learned have been self-taught.

7. If someone were to cast a celeberty as you in a movie, who would it be?

It’s hard to say. I would have to revisit this question in the future. That is, if a biopic of me is still in the talks.

8. What are your plans after Broward College? What is your dream job?

With a major in Journalism and a minor in International Relations, my dream job would be something in the field of international journalism. My top dream job, however, would be to work as a White House Correspondent for a news outlet.

9. If you were to offer advice to incoming freshman who don’t know their major, what should it be?

Life is a process filled with challenges, one of them is deciding on a major. The biggest advise I can give to an incoming freshman is to take their time and really figure out what they want. Explore your curiosity and try to volunteer for organizations or companies that you’re somewhat interested in. Having real life experiences can sometimes help us decide whether that industry or field is suited for us.

10. Who is your biggest inspiration in your life?

Everyone inspires me for different reasons. As people, we are bits and pieces of who we know, what we see, and what we do. Every person in their own ways is inspiring.

I'm Miss. Congeniality of Broward College North Campus, Events Coordinator of the Psychology Club at Broward College North Campus, new president of Her Campus Broward, I work for Student Services at Broward College North Campus, and I just like to get involved in many great activities that benefit my personal growth.
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