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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Broward chapter.
Note: Apologies, due to time and school I can’t make in-depth health articles.
Having the strength to stand up to your parents is… a gift. When dreams are in the mist, you have to stand up and stick with it.
I’ve learned that recently and gone through every distinct possibility in my mind… both pros and cons. Parents can be your main villain when it comes to dreams. Like moving, careers, and hobbies (I know surprising). However! They do have a point when it comes to the future and your education, I know this sucks. But you do have to remember if you coordinate right no matter what dreams you’re after… you can attain it (most likely).
On the downside your parents may not be 100% on your side, especially when it comes to misconceptions in careers… like in the arts.
The arts area has a negative generalization, for instance I remember one of my parents talking to me and my sibling about how I should never go into this specific area. Mainly for salary reasons. Whether some truth to this exists, we need to remember that this can be applicable in any career.Talking with your parents is important and you should generally stay calm and try to explain to your parents why you’ve decided on this pathway, and maybe get some information on the career type. If you’re a Broward college student you can talk with a faculty member in charge of a certain education pathway and ask for help.
Finding that dream is so relieving and you can feel an overwhelming happiness guide through you! You might remember your friends or speakers talking about… a true purpose.
Well, in my experience dreams correlate with a true purpose. A true purpose is basically why you are here. A true purpose is important, especially when it comes to… well everyone. It drives us. It can be what you love like a hobby or even… a career.
No matter what you choose to do with your life stick with it, and play smart.