Hurricane Prep List

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I just went through two major storms in my life; Wilma and Irma. So, in addition I have learned a lot about what you need to do before a hurricane or a big storm hits.

Stocking Supplies

  • Water - 1 Gallon per person per day. Plus pets, and possibly 3 to 7 gallions for each toilet flush.
  • Food - Items that use little water and no refrigeration are best. Example; peanut butter, canned foods, dried foods, etc.
  • Babies, Elderly, and Pets - Stock up on their food, medicine, and basic care items. After Wilma, I say two weeks worth.


Prep Outside Your Home

  • Clear gutters, down spouts, and pop up drains.
  • Clear the yard of all furniture, toys, flower pots....anything that the wind can blow should be in a garage or secure building.
  • Homes near the coast need to be boarded  up with hurricane shutters or 5/8" plywood.
  • Clear 4-6" below weep holes or siding all around the house.


Prep Inside Your Home

  • Clean and fill bathtubs with water.
  • Use long-lasting LED lanterns and flashlights. Be very careful if you use candles, never sleep with them lit.
  • Have a NOAA Emergency Radio on hand.
  • Freeze blocks of ice in plastic containers. They'll keep fridge colder, longer if you lose power. Drink that water later.


General Safety

  • Should part of your family evacuate, just in case? Think about babies, disabled, and elderly trying to escape in a boat.
  • Carry a paper map, in case internet service is lost.
  • Do not operate dangerous items indoors: most grills, fires, and stoves. Also, only run your car outside the garage.
  • Check for structural safety before entering a flooded home.


During The Storm

  • Listen to NOAA radio stations for warnings and latest information.
  • Use only paper dishes and plastic ware to save water.
  • Plan ahead to keep kids busy during long power outages. Puzzles, games, crafts, books....things that don't use power.
  • Check ceilings, doors, windows, and baseboards for water. Look in every room and closet during the storm.