How To Create An Epic Character

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An epic character doesn't have to be Thor saving both Earth and Asgard from his ludicrous brother Loki and other power evil beings from destruction. They can be as (extra) ordinary as you or I. What makes them epic is their ability to come alive on the page. To do that, you need to develop an epic character foundation!

  1. Who are their VIPS?: Who are the most important people in their life; the good, the bad, and the horrifying?
  2. What are their dreams?: Big dreams, small dreams; what do they wish for?
  3. What do they regret?: Would they go back and change things, or leave them as they are?
  4. How do they see themselves?: Is it different from how they're seen by their spouse? Their boss? Their friends?
  5. Which locations are most important to them?: Is there somewhere they're desperate to travel to? A place they'll never forget?
  6. What's their relationship with food?: Do they scarf it down or savour every bite? Cook a special dinner or order takeaway?
  7. How are they with money?: Have they spent every penny they've ever earned? Are they resting on their laurels? Investing in stocks or bonds?
  8. Are they more emotional or practical?: Do they believe in concepts like fate or serendipity? How are they most likely to resolve an argument?
  9. Are they spiritual?: Do they practice a religion? Are they tolerant of other beliefs? Have they ever used their spirituality to justify something abhorrent of judgemental?