How to Color Correct Your Skin with Makeup

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I'm going to be honest, one of my favorite basic makeup tips is actually learning how to color correct your skin with makeup. So, I myself will walk you through what the various makeup shades help to hide different skin-tone issues and what cosmetic products I would most definitely recommend as well.

Pink: Cancels dark uder eyes + brightens dullness on pale skin.

Yellow: Softens mild rednes on all skin tones (acne + rosacea).

Green: Diffuses intense redness on all skin tones (inflammed acne + broken capillaries + Rosacea).

Purple: Cancels dark under eyes + brightens dullness on medium skin.

Peach: Cancels dark under eyes + softens brown pigmentation on pale + medium skin tones.

Orange: Cancels dark under eyes + softens brown pigmentation on tan + skin tones.

Red: Cancels dark under eyes on dark + deep-dark skin tones.

Now ladies, enhance your beauty because no one is stopping you!