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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Broward chapter.

Happy Vegan Day!


Even if you’re not vegan you should still celebrate… as veganism not only includes stopping the exploitation of the meat, dairy, and egg industry, but also in the fur trade, leather industry, cosmetics industry, etc… To stop these companies from exploiting animals.


In celebration of National Vegan Day, even if you aren’t vegan you can still celebrate by subsiding your favorite dishes for vegan ones. You can look up simply by typing “Thanksgiving.” Peta, Forks Over Knives, and other websites also indulge you on these delectibles.


Even if you can’t cook, you can help by watching documentaries like “What The Health,” “Cowspiracy,” “Game Changers,” etc… some of which are on Netflix.

Also informing yourself on Scientific Journals that have no confounding variables, as well as staying up to date with those studies can inform you on the health side of things. Since its Thanksgiving, you can be thankful for the plant-foods you made and that no animals were suffered in your recipe/s.


Also, Thanksgiving is a holiday of giving, and giving back to the animals is the most important thing, and the environment. Eating less meat or even visiting an animal sanctuary can be helpful, as you can think about another life that is not your own.


 Have a lovely day and remember to treat everyone, non-living and living as you’d want to be treated.