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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Broward chapter.
Information is everywhere and it can be easy to get discouraged or get misinformation by social media, articles, etc…
Of course you should not always believe everything you seen and I’m no expert on this and by no means a professional.
There are a lot of diets on the internet and you can type in “diet” in wikipedia and it’ll show you tons of different ones like Keto, Atkins, Gluten-free, etc… and if your like me, be totally surprised by the amount.
As women we should pay close attention to this and study them closely on the different types of diets to see how they can effect your health, this is especially important for young women. By no means, I’m not a professional and this article is not to tell you which diet you should eat or not. I’m hear to increase awareness of these different diets and I will have a series on each different type of diet with unbiased research on a two-week basis.
Concerning young women, I remember how I was easily swayed and did whatever my friends did. I’m lucky that I’m in college at this time and not a teenager. This is because of all the different diets now it can be very impressional on a teenager and that is no secret to us. I remember hearing about the Atkins and Paleolithic or Paleo diet, and luckily I just passed it off and blatantly agreed or disagreed with my friend, like the eraser I was.
As young adults and teenagers I’m sure you remember following or maybe even lying to your friends to impress them. Maybe you remember this phrase from one of your family members, “If you’re friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” Now… you either thought your family members were crazy or felt very ashamed that you had to hear that from them.
It’s also scary the amount of power these diets have especially since for women, both having a flat belly was everything and thigh gaps were a big thing as a teenager for me.
We should always educate ourselves and watch what our friends and family talk about concerning health, because dieting at a young age can be horrible, excluding for medical needs of course from a dietary professional.
If you’re not doing your best for now, wait till sunrise and say good morning to the world.
Cliche phrasing… I know.