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6 Common Skincare Mistakes [& How to Fix Them]

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Broward chapter.

All the little details from the time you turn on the water until until the time you add your moisturizer to your face could be standing in between you and even more beautiful, clearer skin. 


Check how to fix those little mistakes….


1. You’re mostly using face wipes.

2. You’re washing your face too fast.

3. You’re not using the right water temperature.

4. You’re not checking the ingredients.

5. You’re not taking your makeup off before working out.

6. You’re exfoliating too much or not at all.


Skincare morning routine
Kevin Laminto


I'm Miss. Congeniality of Broward College North Campus, Events Coordinator of the Psychology Club at Broward College North Campus, new president of Her Campus Broward, I work for Student Services at Broward College North Campus, and I just like to get involved in many great activities that benefit my personal growth.