11 Facts About Love

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From scientific research to historical tidbits, a list of facts about love, sex, attraction, and romance. 

Remember! Love, Factually! 

  1. Your more likely to fall in love with someone with the same lung capacity, ear size, and middle-finger length.
  2. Being in love creates a neurological response identical to the effects of cocaine.
  3. Staring into a stranger's eyes, while creepy, may cause him or her to fall in love with you.
  4. Women prefer smelling the sweat of men whose immune systems are different from theirs.
  5. Looking at a photo of your beloved can actually alleviate physical pain.
  6. It takes only four minutes to know if you like someone.
  7. The average man spends nearly forty three minutes a day staring at ten different women.
  8. Aztec emperor Montezuma drank fifty cups of chocolate a day to boost his virility before visiting his six hundred women harem. (Hence the ''revenge"?)
  9. Being in love causes couples' heart beats to synchronize.
  10. The face, not the body, is the most common determinant of attraction.
  11. Men say "I love you" sooner than women in relationships.