10 Tips for Halloween Safety and Fun

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Yes, trick-or-treating maybe fun, there are a lot of safety precautions to follow to make sure your activity is extra fun for your little ones. So, here they are....

  1. Take an adult with you when you go trick-or-treating or to Halloween parties.
  2. Visit only the homes of friends and neighbors you know.
  3. Do not talk or take candy from any strangers.
  4. When trick-or-treating at night, wear something white or reflective. Take a flashlight.
  5. If your costume includes a mask, make sure you can see good enough out of it. If not, take it off.
  6. Always try to walk on the sidewalk.
  7. Watch carefully and hold the hand of an adult when crossing the street at night.
  8. Be careful around jack-'o-lanterns.
  9. Remember to use good manners. Saying "thank you" is a must!
  10. Let an adult check all your treats before you eat them.

The most important rule, have fun!