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So, you need to earn money fast, but you’re stuck on campus and work-study pays pennies. Luckily, you can start a business from the comfort of your dorm, and with your smartphone. Let me introduce to you the wonderful app of Depop—an online marketplace that allows women like you to buy and sell their clothing and other personal possessions. Depop is available on the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store, and it can be accessed from your internet browser. It is convenient as you can monitor your sales and can buy merchandise on the go. Are you interested? Here’s some helpful information to get you started if you want to be a seller:

What is Depop?

Depop is basically an online thrift store where you can find a lot of vintage gems that descended from a variety of decades or fashion eras. Some popular styles on there include Y2K- or 2000s-2010s (think: low rise jeans, Juicy Couture velour tracksuits, mini purses, and cardigans), 90s (think: high waisted baggy mom jeans, camisoles, chunky sneakers, and statement jewelry), and cottage core (think: floral dresses, ruffled sleeves, gingham fabric, bohemian wooden accessories), just to name a few. Depop is similar to other e-commerce stores such as eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, Etsy, and Mercari, where regular people are trying to make a quick buck off of items they no longer use. This common factor gives anyone the confidence to find success on Depop.

What can I sell?

Literally anything. Depop is primarily used as a way to sell clothing from your closet, or thrifted pieces that are marked up, but there are thousands of jewelry shops, art shops, shoe shops, and even wig shops. My point is, if you have something that could be valuable, then someone will buy it.

What do I need?

You’re going to need a phone with a camera (or an actual camera whichever you prefer), a Paypal account to receive your coins, products to sell, a clear backdrop for product photos (a white wall works fine), and most importantly: CONFIDENCE! If you don’t think your shop is going to do well, then it won’t. Believe in yourself!

How do I get traction to my page/make sales?

Depop is like Instagram where if the algorithm favors you, then you will get featured on the explore page. The explore page is where the most popular items curated by the Depop team get featured, and if featured it can boost the sales on your page. The key to getting on the explore page is to:

a.   Post good quality photos in natural lighting

b. List cool pieces that get people interested

c.   Tag your photos with product-relevant hashtags and keywords (don’t spam with irrelevant brands, that’s annoying and it clutters the filters)

d. Write eye-catching product descriptions that include styling tips, condition (stains, holes, damage), and fit.  Transparency allows you to avoid unhappy customers that would’ve left a bad review or open a Paypal dispute.

e.   Model all of your clothing, and if you can, provide measurements.

f.   Repost your photos frequently as they will get knocked to the bottom of search results since new items are being listed every second.

g. Price your items reasonably. Don’t lowball yourself, or have others lowball you if your items are worth their listing price. Be open to offers since it is used clothing.

h. List and uphold your shop policies. 

i.    BE KIND! Good customer service is everything.

How much money can I make?

The most important question. The answer is, it depends. If you have really nice designer, luxury, or rare products, then you can make a wonderful profit off of it. In order to make a profit, you should mark up the product’s price to account for fees. Depop has a 10% fee, and Paypal has a 2.9% fee, so don’t list too cheap.


Here is a breakdown of how to ship:

1.) Seller pays for shipping (Free shipping)

  • Great for things like bundles where multiple products are bought

  • You the seller pay to ship as it is deducted from your sale

  • Ship with your own labels (get a scale and price reasonably!), or ship with the Depop pre-paid labels.

2.) Buyer pays for shipping

  • The buyer pays for shipping as it is added to the total cost of the sale

  • Ship with your own labels (use Pirate Ship) or ship with the Depop pre-paid label

Remember: always provide a tracking number for your customers and answer any questions they may have.


Most importantly, make connections with your customers and offer discounts as they’re likely to come back and refer their friends. Be honest, respectful, and positive and the sales will come.


Happy selling!


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