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No matter whether you are a university student, college student, or even someone in the workforce, productivity and motivation are big contributors to how we stay on task and accomplish our personal responsibilities. Personally, I often find it difficult to stay focused at all times, as a result, I tend to waste time which can be a big obstacle when I have to meet certain deadlines.

Each and every one of us has probably gotten to the point in our lives, where we are seeking ways to get ourselves on task and make sure we are getting our daily workload done. Specifically living in the world that we live in now, in a global pandemic, it is very common to fall into the habit of wasting time, checking your phone once too often, or even watching that one episode on Netflix which ends up being a wormhole of time wasted. In my search for a solution to overcome this, I came across this app; Flora, a perfect bundled solution of locking your phone when you need to concentrate while also giving you that break time in between your work schedule.

During the beginning of this Fall 2021 term, my friend introduced me to Flora and another similar app, Forest that changed the way I get work done completely. I never understood how much of an impact it would have on how to stay productive and motivated within each session. Flora has been such a big part of my daily schedule since then and I now often enjoy sitting down, inviting a friend to join me on my productivity journey, adding my tasks to my Flora to-do list, and trying to find that balance of improving my time management while finding time off for myself during the day.

So here is what is so special about this life-changing app – Flora gives you the option of choosing how long your focus duration should last. Once you start your session, it takes your phone and blocks out any of those apps that can take away from your focus or distract you. The best part of it all is that the minute you decide you want to start a session, the app plants a “digital” tree for you. The tree then starts growing while you are at work and this happens when you also finish a session. This activity of planting a tree at the beginning and end of every session ensures that you are also contributing to a healthy life and a healthy ecosystem.

Flora has been such a big part of my everyday schedule and having seen and experienced it, I urge you to join me in this journey of helping the country plant more trees while helping us all to stay focused and productive. FLORA – ‘Green Focus’


Hi everyone! My name is Aditi and I am in my senior year, studying Business with a minor in Applied Computing at Brock University. Being someone who loves meeting new people and networking with others, I spend a lot of my time dancing, travelling, taking photos and blogging during my spare time. I aspire to be someone who is there to lift those around me and be part of communities that advocate for women and young minds.
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