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5 Reasons to join Her Campus At Brock U

Her Campus is the #1 online community for college women. More than 7,000 writers from over 400 campus chapters in nine countries contribute to the magazine’s content.

Being a part of Her Campus Community

You’re given the chance to be part of a brand that has over 400 chapters in different schools across the globe. Each chapter is unique and requires a wide range of skills, including marketing, self-branding, organizing, editing, writing, budgeting, social media marketing, and designing. Basically, everything that goes into running a magazine.

Minimum time commitment

Her Campus Brock U might be a perfect choice for you if you want to write but are afraid to enter a student magazine because you don’t have a lot of free time. You can contribute one or two short articles every month, or you can join us as a guest writer and contribute a few articles over the course of a semester.

Let your voice be heard

Do you have something on your mind and want to share it with the world? This is the place you’ve been looking for. This is a fantastic place to interact with other students who would appreciate what you have to say.

HC looks great on your resume

Her Campus should be on your resume if you’re interested in a career in journalism, marketing, or something writing-related. It’s a significant accomplishment to get under your belt!

Have your name online

You will get to have your name attached to your article online where people can read about you. This can also be a bonus for resumes as employers can see how involved you are just by searching your name online.

There are many more reasons to get involved in this club! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]




My name is Sharavi Sinha and I am the co-founder and editor in chief for HC Brock U
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