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Your Ultimate Guide to Lockdown Lunchtimes

This might be controversial, but lunch is my favourite meal of the day. I love that it can be anything, leftovers from the night before, something simple and quickly rushed together, or something to be taken time over. Lunch can even be a late breakfast! But now that we are all spending a lot more time at home, usually sitting in front of our laptops, lunch is also a way to break up the day; the half time show between zoom calls and essay writing. I never thought I’d miss lunch being eating a sandwich as quietly as possible in the library whilst someone gives you the evils over the top of their laptop. These are my top tips for using you lunch hour to break up the day!


Have lunch with a friend

Having a virtual lunch date is one of the best ways to break up the day. Text beforehand and arrange a time, maybe even agree to eat the same thing, and eat a meal whilst chatting to someone you don’t live with (!) Try not to talk about the uni work you have to do and switch off for an hour.


Get out and about

It is so easy to get stuck inside for days at a time when the sky is grey, and it gets dark before you’re out of your pyjamas. But it is so important to get outside, get some fresh air and daylight. Lunchtime is the perfect time for this, even if it’s just a 10 minute walk you will feel indefinitely better for it and refreshed for the afternoon ahead.  


Change of scenery

Ok, so you might not actually be able to get a change of scenery. But sometimes a change of mood needs a change of scene. Go crazy, sit in a different chair at the kitchen table, move desks, sit on the floor! One of the ways to make your lunchtime feels distinctly different from, well, all the other time, is to be in a different space.


Step away from technology

Technology is amazing, being able to video chat to people, be it tutors, friends or family has made the past year possible. But having so many interactions through a screen can be exhausting. Taking some time in the middle of the day to step away from all screens, read a book, do a puzzle or just chat to those you live with, is incredibly valuable.


Find what works for you

We all know this is a strange and stressful time. But being stuck at home or in a lockdown is something we are all getting more used to, and whilst it will never be normal, we are learning how to make it work for us. So, make your lunchbreak whatever you need to, have a dance party in your living room, scream into a pillow, or work through lunchtime if that’s what works for you! Try and break up the day in whatever way is helpful without comparing yourself to what works for other people.

Imogen Hope

Bristol '21

Hi I'm Immy and I'm in my final year studying English at University of Bristol. I love all things food, but especially baking!
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