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Valentine’s day date night: Best takeaways

With the ongoing lockdown, there will certainly be no romantic candle-lit dinners in our favourite restaurants this Valentines. However, that does not mean you cannot recreate a date night at home. So, you have got the candles, you have set up a table or perhaps a picnic blanket. All that is left is the food. If you are fortunate to be spending Valentines with a loved one or like me celebrating your independence on Galentines day, treat yourself to the amazing independent takeaway scene of Bristol.

Don’t be boring this valentines, I know its easy to fall back on familiar favourites such as Nando’s or a Dominoes. Yet there is an amazing independent food scene in Bristol that should be made the most of in Lockdown. Here are some of Her Campus’ favourites:


1. Oowee

I currently have not tried Oowee, but I have heard amazing things from all my vegan friends. My flatmate swears by them and has one of their burgers at least once a week. Looking at their menu, I think I would struggle to order just one thing, but I certainly love the sound of those Marmite Fries. Available on Deliveroo.


2. Molto Buono

Can you beat Italian food? Sometimes all we crave is pizza. While Molto Buono has some of the best pizza to offer in Bristol. There is plenty of choice, it even includes white pizzas for those who do not want cheese. They are currently available on UberEats, or through their own app.


3. TukTuk

TukTuk offers unbeatable Asian food, with a mix of both Japanese and Korean. I tried it out last week on a recommendation from a friend. I was not disappointed. Their pork bao buns were exceptional. They also have vegan options available too. On Deliveroo.


4. Rice and Things

Not the obvious choice for many due to not being available on delivery apps. However, if you are close to Cheltenham Road, this Jamaican restaurant is exceptional. Offering stunning dishes such as goat curry or jerk chicken. This place is completely authentic. I would definitely recommend the fried plantain. So if you want to pretend that you are relaxing in the Caribbean and not stuck in your student house this valentines, this is the place for you.


5. Biblos

If like me you are an absolute fiend for Greek food, you will love Biblos. You may have tried Taka Taka after a night out last year, but to me Biblos is superior. They do great bundles for two, perfect for date nights. While their haloumi fries are something special. Available on Deliveroo.


6. Fishers

I often do not think you can beat the classic fish and chips. Unfortunately living near to the top of white ladies, fishers is far too close. The smell of its freshly cooked chips entices me every single day. It is a hard temptation to fight off that is for sure. The only problem is its collection only, but if you live near it is some of the best fish and chips Bristol has to offer.


7. Asado Burgers

Definitely the best burger joint in Bristol. Their burgers are fresh, zingy and full of flavour. While their rosemary salted chips are little pieces of heaven. All their sauces are made in house as well. Plenty to get your teeth into. Available on UberEats.


8. Mrs Potts Chocolate House

This is for those of you who want to skip main and want to go straight to dessert. Mrs Potts is unrivalled as the home for sweet tooths all over Bristol. With amazing cakes, cookies, and plenty of vegan options. My mouth is watering just at the thought. Available on Deliveroo.



Suddenly I am looking forward to the prospect of Valentines this year. While it will be the first one where we cannot get out, there is still much to celebrate. The buzzing independent takeaway scene in Bristol is ready and waiting for you.


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