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Last year has been a strange one for us all in a lot of ways, but university life has changed beyond recognition. No nights out, seminars from your bedroom, let’s face it often from your bed, and phrases like ‘steamier than my visor’ have all become common place. But with the travel window being before the end of term, more of us are having to adjust to working at home instead of uni. Everyone’s home situation is different, but whatever it means to you, I hope these tips help. 


Keep your routine


One of the most important ways of keeping a level of control over reading, assignments and studying is keeping a semblance of routine. Your environment might be different but try and maintain the aspects of your uni life which make you grounded. Setting an alarm in the morning, making sure you get out for a walk or some exercise during the daylight, and keeping your sleep schedule are all things which help. 


Find your spot


It is not always easy to find somewhere to work when you’re at home but finding a spot in which you can be productive is helpful. Somewhere with a desk or table, good WIFI connection and which is quiet would be ideal. Using headphones is also useful for drowning out outside noise or for privacy when on a zoom meeting or in a seminar. Your home is never going to have the same study atmosphere as the library but doing what you can to reduce distractions is helpful. 




Whatever home means for you, it is important to communicate with the people you live with about what you are trying to achieve. A silent home might not be possible, but if those around you understand that you are trying to study, they are more likely to be understanding and accommodating. Setting clear boundaries about working hours might be helpful for yourself as well as those around you. 


Don’t put too much pressure on yourself


It is so important not to place too much pressure on yourself when working from home. It always takes a few days to adjust to a new routine and environment, so try to do what you can but don’t panic if you’re not being your most productive. Setting small tasks which are easy to achieve is a good way of getting started, and before you know it, you’ll be tackling your to do list. This has been a really hard year for everyone, and such a different year for students in so many ways, so be proud of yourself to what you’ve achieved.


Imogen Hope

Bristol '21

Hi I'm Immy and I'm in my final year studying English at University of Bristol. I love all things food, but especially baking!
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