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Top True Crime Podcasts

During the first lockdown last summer, I started working in a community pharmacy. I would walk to work from one town to the next, across fields, and then spend six hours a day sorting pill boxes and fulfilling prescriptions – as well as the copious amounts of admin involved with repeat prescriptions.

I was allowed to listen to music with one ear, but I found that on a six-hour shift, the playlists I was listening to were getting a little repetitive. I struggle with sitting still and listening for long periods of time, but always used to enjoy audiobooks as a child. Podcasts are just that – audiobooks, mixed with a bit of radio, for the modern adult. And so, I embarked on a crusade of listening to true crime podcasts, starting with True Crime Obsessed.

True Crime Obsessed

Created by Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle, True Crime Obsessed is a riotously funny podcast. Over the years, they’ve gained a cult following, resulting in a huge Facebook discussion group and a very illustrious Patreon page. Not only do they cover stereotypical true crime, but they also delve into other facets of pop culture: American politics, Hollywood, and anything that’s had a documentary sits on their roster.

Amongst my favourites of their episodes, I’ve enjoyed their coverage of the saga of JT LeRoy (not exactly true crime, but still an insane piece of pop culture I’d never heard of), Harvey Milk, and Abducted in Plain Sight – they benefit from a friendship with filmmaker Skye Borgman, who has gone on to direct episodes of Netflix’s Unsolved.

These two are hilarious life-long friends: they have a dynamic which could be described by outsiders as shambolic, but this belies the care they take with the subject matter they discuss. Pensavalle is one of my favourite brands of girl power – like myself, she is an “angry woman who is trying her goddamn best”, and this passion for telling the stories of survivors and often, the women who are part of the true crime ‘genre’, shines through.

To date, the show has over 150 episodes, and I haven’t even been able to fork out for a subscription to their Patreon yet. Maybe I’ll treat myself – but then I might never get anything done.

Obsessed with Disappeared

If you thought I was done with Patrick Hinds for now, you were wrong. Alongside another friend, Ellyn Marsh (Broadway actor, known for Pretty Woman and Kinky Boots!), he covers iD’s Disappeared series episode by episode. Inside jokes are rife, and while this podcast has more of an intimate feeling, the care the hosts take with their subject matter is again, very obvious. Not only do they cover the episodes in bite sized chunks, for those of us who don’t have time to watch and listen simultaneously, but Ellyn is known for a bit of “side-googling”, and updating us with the latest on each case.

Like True Crime Obsessed, these two also have a loyal fanbase and discussion group, and are known for their Friday Night Lives, where they livestream themselves steadily getting drunker, and more upset about shoddy police work in America. Definitely one to keep on your list.


This is actually my favourite podcast at the moment. Hosted by Suruthi Bala and Hannah Maguire, this is a British true-crime podcast with a feminist focus.

This podcast is particularly good for its multicultural focus – the two women look outside of the boundaries of the UK and US for their content, and are known for their potted histories and explanations of world politics, history and general quickfire breakdowns of the context of cases.

One of my favourites episodes of this podcast is the coverage of the story of the murder of the Nepalese royal family. Mainly because I’d never heard of this hugely important event.

Their coverage of the Grace Millane case is particularly notable as well – they worked with We Can’t Consent To This in order to cover the trial in a sensitive manner, and delve deep into discussion of the rough sex defence and the meaning of consent.

Alongside their award-winning podcast – Silver at the British Podcast Awards last year – they host Empty Handed, where they talk about their dating lives and do more of a deep dive into cases, which is accessible via their Patreon. They even dedicate a portion of each episode to individually thanking everyone who subscribes!

And, like the previous two podcasts, they also run a very friendly discussion group on Facebook, and sell fantastic merch.

Morning Cup of Murder

If you don’t have the stamina or time to listen to longer episodes, why not ease yourself into this genre by listening to Morning Cup of Murder? With daily episodes, this podcast gives you a case in less than fifteen minutes. Each case corresponds to the date. If you’ve ever wondered if there was a true crime case which took place on your birthday, you can find out.

This podcast provides a highly engaging calendar of sorts, in bite size chunks.

They have over 600 episodes – you can listen along every day while you’re doing small tasks! Their short-form content style allows them to cover lesser-known cases as well, such as the real-life Romeo and Juliet tale of the Cabanilla and Izquierdo families.

Thus far, though, they have missed out my birthday – I’ve had to make do with the two days surrounding it. I look forward to hearing about what major events took place on that day in March, beyond Zayn leaving One Direction (yes, that happened on my birthday).

Honourable mentions

My Favourite Murder

Crime Junkie


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