Things You Can do for Your Pals This Galentine's Day

People are crying, corporate funds are booming and every shop window display is filled with an alarming amount of red. It must be Valentine's Day. The mere word can fill some people with dread as they realise that they will be alone for yet another year. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Though a lack of significant other may make some feel lonely, this is only because they haven't been reminded of all the other wonderful people in their lives. So if your pals are feeling a bit down this year, here's how to remind them that they are loved and valued.

Send them a Valentine

Though this may seem like an obvious one, simply buying a card for your friend is a great way to show your love and affection for them. There are loads of cool designs in Paperchase which feature friendships rather than traditional romantic relationships. Just remember to sign your name so as not to lead them into thinking they have a secret Valentine - may be a bit misleading!

Play Cupid

We all have a friend who is too shy to publicise their feelings for someone even though it seems so obvious to everyone around them. Making a grand gesture and setting them up with the person of their dreams could be a really nice thing to do and I'm sure they'll thank you for it later (assuming that it all works out). This way, they won't have to feel so lonely and you will have done them a really nice favour as a friend.

Organise a girls' night

Personally, I love nothing more than a cozy night in with my best friends where we watch movies and pig out. If there are a group of single gals you know, why not get them all together for a night of binge watching High School Musical and Domino's takeaway? That way, no one has to sit wallowing in their misery and you can have a fun night together. And I'm sure there will be no judgment if someone has to crack out the tissues if they feel despondent over their singleness.

Have a night out

An easy way to cheer up your mates and help them to forget their troubles is a night out on the town. Why not take advantage of Bristol's nightlife and take your friends out for a night of drinking and dancing? Bonus: the club will most likely be filled with single people so they won't have to be around any couples and should have a greater chance of pulling if that will help them forget their woes. 

Remind them who TF they are

Ultimately, don't let your friends get themseves down just because they haven't conformed to the social norm of co-dependence and the construction of a day centred around love. Remind them of all their amazing qualities and build up their self worth if they're feeling especially mopey as they shouldn't let this day take away their confidence. Writing your friend a list of all your favourite things about them could be a nice way of doing this to show them that they have amazing qualities and would make an amazing partner for a lucky person.   

However you choose to celebrate this year, just keep your eye out for your single friends and make sure they know that they truly are loved and appreciated and can feel happy and fulfilled without having to be in a relationship. Take that, Saint Valentine.