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Things to Not Miss Out On in Bristol This Summer

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With summer fast approaching, there’s a variety of unmissable events going on in Bristol. Whether you’re going home for the holidays or staying here, there are lots of things to do to celebrate (or escape) your deadlines!

Starting Simple, a good old beer garden.

Take a trip past Queen’s Square to the Harbourside or King Street to grab a pint. Hopefully the warm weather decides to make an appearance soon so we can actually start going to beer gardens without freezing. The Ostrich arguably has the best views right by the harbour, or if you’re feeling celebratory, maybe go to the White Lion by the Suspension Bridge. Otherwise, there’s always good old Channings ❤️

Love Saves the Day

For the lucky ones out there who finish before the 25th May, Love Saves The Day would be the ideal way to celebrate the end of the year – or maybe just to go as a form of procrastination from studying for your exams.


If you haven’t got tickets already, get them! Winestock is arguably the best end-of-year formal on 31st May and 1st June (also, just think of the unlimited wine).

Live music events

Live music nights in Bristol are some of the best – Mr Wolf’s has bands playing most nights of the week. To make things better, every Thursday on their rooftop terrace they do a Pay the Time deal for a pizza and a drink (which means a pizza and a pint from as less than £6 – can’t complain)

Forwards Bristol

This is the last music event I’ll put on here, promise – but I couldn’t miss out a chance on saying that Loyle Carner is performing at the Downs in August.

The Balloon Fiesta

August every year sees Ashton Court filled with hot air balloons. If you happen to be staying here over summer,its always worth watching with your friends from the Downs or your nearest park with a barbecue.

The Bristol Half

If you, like it seems everyone else on TikTok has, have become a Strava warrior this year, the AJ Bell Great Bristol Run takes place in May this year. There’s the 10k and the Half Marathon, or, if you’re like me, you can just cheer from the sidelines.

The Left Handed Giant Brewing Co.

Another one for all the runners, the Left Handed Giant always has something going on. However, they also have a darts room on the top floor which is always fun, accompanied by their pizzas and their locally-brewed pints.

Alexandra Lam

Bristol '25

Hi, I'm Alex, a second year English and History student at Bristol.