Stella for him: McCartney’s move into menswear

Sustainability is becoming more and more popular with some fashion trend forecasting agencies stating that this movement is in fact not a trend but it is here to stay. Because of this, luxury brands are taking an eco-friendlier approach, but in particular, one of the pioneers and most influential leaders in this eco community is the UK designer and lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney.

The daughter of Sir Paul McCartney studied Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins, and launched her namesake brand in 2001. From the beginning, the designer has taken a sustainable approach, not only with her designs, but also the fabrics she uses; the brand uses organic cotton and is always exploring new eco materials and production methods, using alternative energy options in most of her stores. This commitment to the environment and vegetarian lifestyle comes as an influence from her mother, a photographer and animal rights activist, who is a huge inspiration to her- she designs a pair of shoes every season in her name!

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Ever since she created her brand, Stella has focused on womenswear, accessories and lingerie. As a consequence, the announcement of a new mens' collection for the upcoming spring was perceived as a huge challenge in her career- especially as leather and fur jackets are becoming more popular among men nowadays. 

However, up to now, all of her new initiatives have been a great success: her collection for H&M in 2005 sold out worldwide in a record time and her collaborations with adidas since 2004 have only grown in popularity, teaming up with the initiative DryDyes which use 50% less chemicals than traditional dyes!

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I believe in the brand’s commitment to the environment; Stella does not use any leather, fur or animal skin in any of her designs and I have faith in her design- the traditional and masculine traces in her womenswear designs could, and I believe they will, be translated beautifully in to her mens' collection. I cannot wait to check it out!