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Spring Style Spotlight: The Bomber Jacket

Whilst the sight of the sun in Bristol is wildly exciting in itself, the prospect of spring brings with it an even more thrilling task: the search for a new jacket. Jackets and coats are essential to any wardrobe, and the fact that they undoubtedly get more wear than any other item means the selection process can be a long one. The denim jacket (an undeniable classic) has long dominated the warmer months; however, denim fatigue has left me determined to seek out a new jacket crush.

The bomber jacket, I have decided, will be my new best friend this season – and there is certainly no shortage to choose from!

Bomber jackets have long been favoured by more alternative cultures—they were the calling card of the skinheads and scooterboys from the 70s onwards, and then later relegated to hip hop fashion. This season saw designers flipping our perceptions with luxe bomber jackets filling the catwalk. Who said your bomber jacket had to be casual?

Printed silks at Jonathan Saunders were anything but understated, whilst Marc Jacobs combined sheen with his sporty silhouette to create a look that is both casual and opulent.

Philip Lim and Stella McCartney both opted to add prints to their jackets, with very different results. This one by Lim takes inspiration from American varsity jackets, whilst McCartney’s fitted style is elegant – particularly with its gold python print.

Unfortunately, I have to come to the realisation that the choices above are all a little out of my budget, and so I have gone in search of some more affordable alternatives.

Topshop has a great range on offer:

Go more traditional with the Ultimate MA1 Bomber Jacket, or channel Stella McCartney in their Animal Jacquard Ovoid Bomber Jacket (and matching trousers?).

Urban Outfitters has got you covered if you are looking to make a statement with velvet and space age prints:

Vintage O&O Sheer Bomber Jacket / Textile Federation Stellar Eye Bomber Jacket

And if you really just can’t stay away from denim, American Apparel has the perfect solution:

Angeleno Denim Jacket


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Ella is one of the two CC's for Her Campus Bristol. She is currently in her final year at the University of Bristol, reading English Literature. Ella loves buffets, art and fashion - she is hoping to make it as the next Anna Wintour. You can follow her on Twitter @ella_wills where she will mostly post mindless attempts at humour.
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