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Seven Reasons to Join Her Campus Bristol

The start of the new academic year is just a fortnight away. Whether you are a Fresher coming to the University of Bristol for the first time or a returning student, we hope you consider joining the Her Campus Bristol team! 

In case you need some convincing, here are seven reasons why... 


1. Meet like-minded people 

Writing for Her Campus Bristol is a sure way to meet fellow students with shared interests and passions. We host regular events and socials throughout the year so you can make new friends and meet students with similar ambitions. 


2. Get some journalism experience 

It can initially seem really difficult to break into the journalism industry, but the best way to get a foot in the door is to start publishing your work. Getting your articles out there allows you to build up a portfolio and to figure out what kind of content you like writing along the way. 

Even if you’re not interested in the journalism industry, publishing high-quality content allows you to curate a great digital footprint that is sure to impress any future employer. 

Plus, it looks great on your CV!

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3. Write about whatever is meaningful to you 

Here at Her Campus we publish pretty much any kind of content you can think of. From breaking news to fashion and culture, we are happy to publish any content you create as long as it fits in with our values of equality, empowerment and respect. 

What is more, we don’t limit our writers to any one editorial section, nor do we assign you with specific articles to write. We publish weekly article commission and inspiration ideas on our Facebook group so you can opt to claim one of our commissions if anything appeals to you or alternatively pitch your own idea to us. 

We are also happy to publish all manners of writing, from poetry to song lyrics, letters to listicles. No matter your writing style, we are looking forwards to showcasing your work! 


4. It’s as big (or as small) a time commitment as you make it 

There are two ways you can write for Her Campus Bristol. You can either apply to be an Editor or write as a Contributor. 

As an Editor, your role will be to commission and edit articles and upload them to the site. There is also an expectation that you write and publish at least two articles each term. Overall, this is a commitment of an average of 1 hour/week.

Alternatively, you can join the team as a Contributor and write articles on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year whenever you have time. 

Everyone is welcome to attend our events throughout the year too, regardless of whether you have published an article with us yet. Follow our social media accounts (linked below) to stay up to date on events this year!


5. Become part of the HC community 

We put on events and socials throughout the year in Bristol, from career-oriented networking events to collabs with Feminist Society (like this event last year) and socials. Even though socialising will look a little different this year, we are planning to hold regular online and socially distanced events to continue to foster our community. 

What is more, Her Campus is a global media organisation with over 140 ‘chapters’ in countries around the world. By joining the HC Bristol chapter you will be welcomed into an international network of inspiring and ambitious women. From making new friends to networking for career options, the power of the community is here for you to tap into. 

Also, we have freebies to give out! 

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6. EVERYONE is welcome 

The Her Campus community is welcome to everyone, no matter what sex you were assigned at birth nor what gender you identify as today. We strive to be inclusive and representative and are always looking to share diversity of thought and new opinions. 


7. Membership is free! 

Become a member on the University of Bristol Students’ Union website today in order to be eligible to become a Contributor, Editor or attend our events. 

Membership is completely free – get it today at this link


If journalism isn’t up your street we are also always looking for artists and photographers to create beautiful content for both our website and our social media pages. 

If you’re interested in getting involved, follow us on Instagram (@hercampusbristol) and join our Facebook group: Her Campus Contributors 2020-21 

If you have any questions, DM us on Facebook or email us at hc.bristol@hercampus.com to say hi! 


Co-President of Her Campus Bristol
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