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Protest Songs: The Music World’s Reaction to Trump

1. Arcade Fire – ‘I Give You Power.’

  • With all proceeds going towards the American Civil Liberties Union, Arcade Fire released their new track with the caption, ‘its never been more important that we stick together and take care of each other’ in light of Trump’s inauguration.

2. Lily Allen’s cover of Rufus Wainwright’s ‘Going to a Town.’ 

  • Released as an anti-Trump protest, Lily Allen covers ‘Going to a Town’ with an arrangement by Mark Ronson and a video containing footage from the Women’s March in London where she sang the track live. 

3. CocoRosie feat. ANOHNI – ‘Smoke ’em Out.’ 

  • CocoRosie and ANOHNI encourage protest with their new song and message: ‘today we share a new song to inspire the weary-disappointed hearts of so many crest-fallen citizens. We just started working on a new album, but “Smoke ‘em Out” begged to be turned loose on the world now, as a means of participation during these turbulent yet invigorating times. Joined on guest vocals by our fellow Future Feminist ANOHNI.’ 

4. Gorillaz feat. Benjamin Clementine – ‘Hallejuah Money.’ 

  • Released on the eve of Trump’s inauguration, ‘Hallejuah Money’ marks the return of Gorillaz after six years. Their first new video since 2012 concludes with the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants bursting into tears.  

5. Michael Whalen feat. Fiona Apple – ‘Tiny Hands.’

  • Featuring the lyrics, ‘We Don’t Want Your Tiny Hands, Anywhere Near Our Underpants,’ this track was released on soundcloud specifically for the Women’s March. 




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