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‘Power’ Season 6: Who shot Ghost?

After many attempts across six seasons, Ghost completely transitioned into a legit business owner as he advanced in the world of politics. His experience as a drug-dealing kingpin surprisingly developed him into a suitable governor lieutenant candidate. This annoys pretty much everyone close to him including: his ex-wife, Tasha played by Naturi Naughton and former best-friend and criminal partner, Tommy Egan portrayed by Joseph Sikora. To our surprise, after all the shootouts Ghost has been in, it took a single bullet to take him out.

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‘Power’ is a Starz series written and executively produced by Courtney Kemp (pictured above), which is also distributed by Netflix. She took inspiration from her late father, Herbert Kemp, Jr., to create the main protagonist (James). As a television writer, Kemp has contributed to series such as, ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘My Own Worst Enemy’. Her involvement in these projects were adequate to predict how successful this thrilling crime drama would become, especially with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s input as an executive producer, who also portrayed Kanan Stark in the show.

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If you decide to watch Power from the beginning, try to monitor James’s son, Tariq (pictured above). Later on in the show, Michael Rainey, Jr. does very well to depict the stubbornness and resentment Tariq has towards his parents. Many have claimed it is Tariq who shot his father. Despite their differences, I do not believe their father-son relationship had reached that level of damage, though Tariq is a very unpredictable character at times. I would like to see Tariq take responsibility for his past actions and mistakes towards the end of this season.

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Tasha has a history of dating men outside her marriage who are anti-Ghost, her current side piece, Quinton ‘Q’ Wallace, seems to be about that criminal life. Ghost found out Tasha was aiding their son and teaching him how to deal drugs… sticky situation! Their interaction was unpleasant and Q found out about their altercation. Unsurprisingly, he got really heated about this and offered to “take care” of Ghost, though this offer was declined by Tasha. It goes without saying, for love, people can do extreme and stupid things. I think shooting Ghost is up there on the list. After Q’s exchange with Tasha, we never saw him again in later episodes, this could either be intentional or just a coincidence.

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It is hard to tell because many people had motives to kill Ghost. To say the least, many of his relationships are complicated. However, I do not believe anyone close to him could have pulled the trigger because the shooter did not even come face-to-face with him. It was too cold and maybe even cowardly, if they were part of his inner circle; both James and Ghost did so much for the people in his inner circle. He was the ship that kept everyone afloat. If it was any of these characters, it would have been more intimate and there would have definitely been some hesitation, despite the bad blood.

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Personally, I think Q (pictured above) is the shooter as he never had a personal relationship with Ghost and it makes sense for him to do the shooting so heartlessly. We did not actually have confirmation of his death after the shooting, so Ghost is not dead (or at least I hope so). If this is the case, and Q is the shooter, he will be very regretful that he did not finish the job. There will be some serious repercussions for the shooter regardless of their identity.

Sad news incoming! You will have to hang on till January to find out who shot Ghost. Despite the strong cast for this season, we have lost some great characters such as James’s attorney, Joe Proctor played by Jerry Ferrara. One thing that would truly frustrate me in the remainder episodes, is the introduction of new characters unless Kemp and Starz have plans for a spin-off or another season. This would only just complicate the situation further and leave too many questions unanswered, which I think for this particular season is unnecessary, there is enough going on already. Fans of the show are already waiting (impatiently), if the suspense does not drive them to madness, then the addition of new characters will.

Below is an official Power teaser for the upcoming episode, note how Q has not been included in the line up of suspects. Again, this could be intentional or… he is not the killer. 

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