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Olaplex : Worth the Hype?

I first heard of Olaplex when I was searching for something to fix my damaged hair. My hair had always been a huge part of my identity, always extremely dark and long, always the same. I really felt who I was, was tied to my hair. 


[bf_image id="ghmjq9jmbv8fmgpqpt67xtrh"]

I decided to bleach my hair when I turned 16; It took a lot of courage to convince myself to finally bleach it, but I was older and desperate for a change to signify a change in myself. More confidence, happier, more grown up. So, I bleached my hair. 

[bf_image id="ktwgc5q5kw4nsmw6rc9bwhm"] I loved it, loved the colour, the feeling it gave me, the growing confidence. However, the bleach completely changed my hair texture. It became dry, frizzy, and it didn’t really look like “hair” anymore. I started to become frustrated with how bad it looked in photos, how dead it felt after I washed it. 

[bf_image id="gxgwqhqpqnqvnsnjh4kg38m"]

BEFORE WASHING [bf_image id="74rk7n9gxxphxpkng67p68n7"] AFTER WASHING

So, I began to invest in hair masks, hair oils and after delving into more research, I found olaplex. I was a little sceptical at first, as it I had only really seen it raved about on TikTok and it was awfully expensive. But I thought, why not try it? There must be a reason all these creators are recommending it, outside of a sponsorship. 

£25 later, I sat with olaplex: ‘No. 3 hair perfector’ on my wet hair. It felt so soft and was super easy to apply. After washing it off my hair looked amazing! So shiny and it looked like real hair again, exceptionally healthy and straight. This look lasted for three days until I would wash my hair again. When I first brought Olaplex I used it in almost every wash, and now I only use it once a week. It has honestly made such a different to my hair texture. 

[bf_image id="sgr25smtk5s6bfsgq6kss76"] Impressed with the perfector I also brought the shampoo, whilst I have been impressed with the shampoo, it is not ‘life changing’ like the perfector. It is still pricey, and honestly if you can only afford one product by Olaplex I would implore you to invest in the perfector it has seriously changed the appearance of my damaged hair.

To really show you the difference it makes to my hair, I took photos of my hair before washing, washing with non-olaplex products, and washing with my olaplex products. Without olaplex, my hair still looked alright, since I still had a lot of oils and styling products to use, but it felt dry to touch and was much frizzier at the ends. In the Olaplex image, you can see how straight and shiny my hair appears, it looks much healthier, and this appearance would also last much longer as well, even if my hair were caught in the rain. 

So, is Olaplex worth the hype? Honestly yes, I know it is a lot of money to buy for such a small bottle, but it really has worked wonders on my hair.

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