Mount Kimbie are back: Motion Gig Review

Mount Kimbie on the second of November 2017 were a stunning example of talented musicians experimenting with sound right before their fans eyes. It is hard to pin down the exact genre Mount Kimbie adhere to but that literally doesn’t matter, and this is partly why they are so loveable. Mount Kimbie’s fans range from the middle-aged couple to the young post-punk fanboy. Yet they still created an atmosphere of unity in the large venue space. To me this reflection seems to mirror the spirit of Bristol extremely well.

The typical duo formation was altered with four members on stage. The new additions being equally as useful and present as Dominic and Kai. Groovy, infectious and smile-provoking basslines were layered with enchanting synths that characterise Mount Kimbie’s style. The crowd was really friendly and there was space to dance without people pulling at my long tresses, which is very rare for the main room at Motion. The whole experience felt like an organic production of music with members of the band continually moving between different equipment and instruments.

The show kept up a lively atmosphere and varied entertainingly in tempo and atmosphere. Mount Kimbie received a great reception from the crowd with especially elated dancing at the end.  What I know the band will find particularly encouraging is that their new music curated some of the most passionate reactions, in effect, symbolising the successful progression of the band. Clearly old fans were in the crowd fueling the energy but Mount Kimbie have also gained many new fans with their latest release, Love What Survives. What with their sonically rich and delicately layered tunes, Mount Kimbie were impressive all around.