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Mother’s Day: A playlist for when you miss your mum

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A love letter to my mum.

My mum has awful music taste; I can sing all the words to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and a surprising amount of country, but somehow it’s rubbed off on me. Here are five songs that make me think of my mum when I miss her and I may play them in my room but no one needs to know that. Feel free to judge…

1. ‘Dancing Queen’ – ABBA

The best song ever written. 

ABBA always makes you happy; my mum and gran would always play this because I would complain if anything else was ever played. ABBA is something everyone can always compromise on because no one hates ABBA and if you’re missing your mum it will cheer you up instantly!

2. ‘Man! I feel like a woman!’ – Shania Twain

I pretend I don’t like country music but Shania changes that. It’s catchy, fun and the best car sing-along song that my mother loves. I used to hear this playing in the kitchen every day when I was younger, mixed with a bit of The Chicks or more Shania and at the time I hated it, but it’s grown on me; I love you now Shania!

3. ‘Mean’ – Taylor Swift

To this day I love Taylor Swift with my whole heart and this started it and my mum quotes this song constantly. Everyone has a guilty pleasure Taylor Swift song, whether your mum loves folklore or is a country queen and listens to her debut album. Finding the song your mum loves will always make you happy, because Taylor has music for everyone.

4. ‘Popular’ – Wicked

Rouge choice, I know, she really does have bad music taste. Musicals. My mother is obsessed with musicals and maybe this was the first one. Every year she would have a new musical obsession which she would play really loudly and perform to terrorize our house. Somehow this is all engraved in the minds of my sister and I, so we do a great performance of this in the car. 

5. ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ – Cyndi Lauper

Having spent hours in the car going on holiday, there were only so many songs my sister, my mum, and I would agree on and this absolute banger was always on the playlist. Just play this with your mum and you’re guaranteed to have the best time, you can’t just help but dance and sing along. If you take anything from this list, please take this over the musicals and country, it’s assured to bring the best vibes.

Even though this playlist has character, to say the least, each and every song makes me think of my mum. Sometimes I sing them in my room, much to the distaste of my flatmates, but you’re bound to have songs like this that remind you of your mum. Even if you were tortured like me with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, as much as I hate it brings back a bit of nostalgia. I kind of like it and everyone definitely has a song just like it.

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