Meet Ilka: The New President of Her Campus Bristol

As you will have probably heard (many times), Her Campus Bristol is now a society with a brand new committee. So, this week it is time to meet our lovely new President for next year, Ilka Kemp-Hall. Ilka has been writing for Her Campus since her first year at Bristol and is currently one of our Features editors along with Holly Chaplain (the new Managing Director).  I chatted to Ilka about her thoughts on the magazine and the ideas she has got in store for next year..

Hi Ilka, tell us a bit about yourself..

Hi my name is Ilka and I'm a second year English student, I've been writing for Her Campus for two years now, I've always been interested in feminism ever since I found out my great grandmother was a suffragette. I'm half Swiss and I'm currently saving up to go travelling after uni.

Why did you first get involved with Her Campus? 

I got involved in Her Campus because when I started university it was the first magazine I found that was catering specifically to giving women at uni a chance to voice opinions, discuss taboo issues such as masturbation, FGM and body image.

What has been your favourite thing about being part of the magazine?

My favourite thing about being involved in the magazine definitely has to be our editors' meeting that we have once a week. We sit, chat, (get angry) and overall just set the world to rights. It's one of my favourite moments of the week. Listening to all these amazing women discuss important issues - well it's brilliant to be a part of. The second thing that I loved whilst being a part of the magazine was the screening of "Honour Diaries" that Alex and Ella put on - listening to such an inspirational speaker and watching a film breaking the silence on honour killings - it was on of the best events we've done so far.

What are your plans for the magazine next year? 

I've been so amazed at how quickly the magazine has grown this year. We have had new editors, writers, different voices and opinions - it's been incredible. I've loved how incredibly varied our content has been and that Her Campus is trying to reach a wider audience and that's what I want most for the magazine next year, to give it a bigger platform for a more varied audience. It's so important that everyone gets a chance to write or express their opinions on different topics.

How would you sum it up in three words?

Witty, intelligent and important.

Ilka and Holly are still looking for section editors and social media managers for next year, so if you are interested in applying, send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]