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The Importance of Voting

So here’s the billion dollar question on everyone’s minds. Why should YOU vote and why is it that important we do cast our votes in this upcoming election?

On May 7th, voters in the UK will go to the polls to decide the outcome of possibly the most unpredictable general election in years – and one that will decide the course of this country for the foreseeable future.

But here’s the thing, I hear a lot of young people saying they have no interest in politics anymore, ‘what’s the point’ they say, ‘they’re all the same, it makes no difference anyway’. And that’s when my blood starts to boil. Voting today could not be more important, and as the younger generation it is perhaps even more vital that we cast our vote for a future we are going to have to inevitably live and put up with.

So here’s my rundown of why it is absolutely necessary you should vote:

  1. In the UK we are privileged with living in a democracy –  unlike many other countries we have the right to vote in free and fair elections, allowing us to choose, without fear or threat a party we feel best represents us.
  2. Voting gives YOU power to decide how the UK is going to be run – while you may feel that who gets into power doesn’t affect you, it really does and by voting you can make a change, choosing a candidate that you feel best suits your views.
  3. Young people should vote! – the more young people who cast a vote in this election the more likely it is that politicians will begin to really focus on making this country a better place for us to live, listening to our needs as they become more inclined to try and win our votes.
  4. Voting increases the chance for a more representative Government – by voting we can ensure that more people are represented fairly and therefore can make policies that benefit a wider variety of people.
  5. Your vote DOES make a difference – even if you live in a safe seat constituency (a place that has a clear cut party winner) it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote anyway – voter’s allegiances can change over time. Just remember there is power in numbers.
  6. Leaving your ballot blank – even if you decide that none of the parties in the election can effectively represent you, leave your ballot blank. This is a far more effective form of protest – you are sharing an opinion which is much better than doing nothing!
  7. Suffragettes! – last but by no means least, it’s important to remember the history of how we got our right to vote. Many women were imprisoned or even died trying to secure the right to make decisions within their country. Let’s not forget that we are the ones benefitting from their sacrifices – voting is also a sign of respect for these women, let’s not waste it.

So there you have it, 7 reasons why this coming election, you should make that trip to the poll station and cast your very own X. It’s a way to speak and be heard by this country, so don’t miss the opportunity.

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