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How to Make Reading Leisurely More of a Hobby

When you read almost every day for your course it can easily be seen as a chore rather than something you’d consider a hobby. Even though it  may seem easier to turn on your TV or binge watch a TV series, reading is a great way to escape from stress and improve your knowledge and vocabulary. It is a wonderful way to relax your mind and expand your imagination. So, how do you bring out this avid reader that is hiding within you?

       1. Pick the right book

The most important way to enjoy reading is to choose the right book. Don’t feel pressured into only reading classic or popular books; if you’d rather read high fantasy or romance novels, then go for it. Read books that make you look forward to reading, this will increase your motivation and will help you read more frequently. A good way to find a book you’ll enjoy is to stick to genres you have enjoyed in the past, and to find characters that you’ll relate to; whether that means a character that is your age, or a character that reminds you of yourself. This really helps you get swept away by the story.

This may be obvious, but fiction novels aren’t the only source of reading material. If you are not a fan of novels  try non-fiction, autobiographies, plays or poems. Comic books and graphic novels are also great reading material.

       2. Make the time

Whether you’d rather read as soon as you’ve woken up, or before you go to sleep, making time for reading is crucial. A good way to make time is to make reading into an event. Grab a cup of your favourite hot beverage and sit in a comfy chair and relax. Light a candle, wrap yourself in a blanket. This is such a relaxing and easy way to step back from a busy day and refresh your mind.

       3. Don’t forget about libraries

Use your local library. You can join your local library online and pick up your library card for free. Going to the library gives you free access to books, this will add the fuel to your reading hobby as you can discover more styles and authors, and read with no expense.  Even if you are a frequent reader, joining the local library can reduce the money you spend on books and can make you part of a community of book readers. Many libraries host book clubs and other events, which can be a social way to read.

       4. Listen to your books

A great way to fuel a reading hobby, especially  for a busy student, is to listen to audiobooks. If timing is the main reason you struggle to read leisurely audiobooks are a great way to enjoy literature on the go. You can listen to them on your way to university, while you’re cleaning your room, or while cooking your dinner. There are an abundance of audiobooks on YouTube, as well as several apps to download, making this an easy and accessable way to read on a daily basis. This can encourage you to read more, as listening to some books can introduce you to genres and authors that you may want to read.

       5. Set yourself a goal

If you struggle to motivate yourself to read regularly, set yourself a goal. You could set yourself a number of books to read in a year, or a number of pages to read in a day; you could also write a list of books you’d like to read before the end of the year. For example, if you’ve always wanted to read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, make it your goal this year to read it. Goal setting can make reading feel like more of an accomplishment.

Hopefully these tips have encouraged you to read leisurely more frequently  or has helped boost your reading hobby. Remember, reading is about enjoying yourself , don’t feel like you have to read 50 books a year to have a healthy reading hobby. Everybody’s reading habits are different, some people read masses of books per year, and some people read a handful, the number of books you read does not determine how much you enjoy reading.

I have recently finished my Physics degree at the University of Bristol.
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