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Let’s face it, all freshers find themselves having their fair share of embarrassing moments. Leaving the comforts of ‘mummy and daddy’ for the first time can be somewhat daunting, especially when you realise that the walk to Waitrose is longer than you first anticipated. Having spoken to some of our know-it-all second year pals, we have come up with a list of scenarios that you younguns should try to avoid:

1. Awkward pre-drinks with people you barely know. Mix this with a bottle of Tequila and you will inevitably end up playing ‘ring of fire,’ ‘twenty one’ or ‘never have I ever.’  Don’t worry; we have all been that one drinking game virgin who sprints to the bathroom to slyly ask Google exactly what the rules are. Down it fresher!

2. Arriving at Lizard Lounge before 10 o’clock with only an apple VK and a slimy bouncer for company. The night could end in one of two ways. Your new BFF holding your hair back from the Sambuca smelling vomit, or the discovery that you’re trapped in a room with sticky floors and sweaty walls. Oh the joy! If the notorious Lizard Lounge stamp isn’t for you, venture over to Mbargos for some seriously ‘edgy’ tunes.

4. Falling too early. Try everything in your power not to be that one person who requires being carried up Whiteladies by a solid 4 you’ve only just met. This may result in an extremely confusing and tearful morning, as you are left with no other option but to re-evaluate your life. Not leaving your room for 24 hours is perhaps the safest option…

5. Arriving at your first lecture in your Topshop jeans and jumper without realizing that a velvet scrunchie and some Nike Airs are 100% essential. You will soon be dashing out to local vintage shops for your unique wavy garms. Don’t be fooled however, this is hard to achieve at Bristol. The edgy vibe is so mainstream now that it rivals wearing UGG Boots in 2008 (tragic).

If you do find yourselves in any of these undesirable situations, never fear – your unay BFFs will constantly remind you of them for the next 3 years. All that remains to be said is good luck (you may need it).


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