Danni's Beauty Box: Love the Skin You're in

"Spots", "Bad skin", "Acne": whatever you want to call it, as students this has been a part of all of our lives at some point.

For most teenagers and young adults, it’s a given that you’ll experience a period of your life when you’re much more spot prone and, let’s face it, it’s probably felt like it happened at the worst possible moment. Whether that’s when you’re first going through puberty, that horribly awkward stage when your face and body look like you haven’t properly grown into them yet, or when you’re 14 and going to your first house parties. An already awkward experience, only made worse by crippling self-consciousness over a spotty face.

For me, it was well into my time at university.

Thinking nothing more of my unusually spotty phase than "It must be essay stress, or maybe my period’s due," I was mortified when my mother turned to me and said: "Fancy going to see the doctor about your acne any time soon?"

Naturally, I responded in an immature 13-year-old-fashion and criticised her for being rude and controlling.

"Surely people don’t develop acne at the age of 21," I thought. Wrong.

Contrary to popular belief, you can develop acne at any point; it is just far more common among young adolescents. Now, I know any of you with experience of acne or spot-prone skin will be sitting there thinking:

"What on earth’s she going to say now? Use this spot cream, use that concealer, I’ve tried it all!"

Don’t worry, I know you have and so have I! Of course there’s medication you can take which may improve acne, there are spot creams and face cleansers that maybe, sometimes make some difference. There is also, of course, the magical wonder that is makeup to help you out.

But, I won’t waste your time with all that because I know that you already know it.

If J Bieb says we should...

The aim of this week’s Beauty Box is to get across an important message: don’t let it stop you from living your life! Just like any other insecurity, especially those about our looks, acne has the incredible power to control your life, whether that’s affecting your mood or self-confidence, or even preventing from doing something you really want to do.

Now, I’m the first to say: "Wear loads of foundation and concealer and try cover it all up: makeup solves everything!"

If makeup helps you to feel better about yourself then absolutely go for it! Personally, makeup is my best friend. But, at the same time, don’t feel that you have to wear it just to cover up what you view as ugly. The truth is, the only person who notices, cares or judges you based on your skin is you! 

So, this week, my advice to all my fellow acne-sufferers is, don't let it get you down and absolutely don't let it stop you from having fun! In the words of the one and only queen, Beyonce, love yourself, flaws and all!

Danni xoxo