Danni's Beauty Box: DIY Halloween

It’s getting dangerously close to Halloween and my excitement is mounting. For the beauty-obsessed amongst you, it can’t be denied that Halloween is the greatest day of the year. No quantity of product, potion, glitter or hairspray is too much! It’s impossible to avoid the sheer number of Halloween-beauty-related opportunities and so, for this week’s beauty fix, I’m going all out on the Halloween theme. Consider this your go-to fancy-dress guide, packed full of tips, tricks and ideas to get you inspired and in the Halloween mood.

In the face paint vs. costume battle, I'm fully Team Face Paint. I’d always argue that your costume could consist merely of carefully selected items from your wardrobe, but that it’s what you do to your face that really transforms you. Here’s some advice: this year, why not save yourself 40 quid on a full Catwoman suit, and devote your time and money to fantastic, fearsome and fashionable face paint!


First thing’s first, how do you choose what to dress up as? We’ve all got plenty of Halloweens under our belts and it’s easy to start running out of ideas, especially original ones. Fear not, as Pinterest, Instagram and pretty much every fashion magazine, are flooded with weird and wonderful costume ideas to inspire you. If, however, you’re all about Halloween beauty in particular, dive head first into the magical world that is YouTube.

In terms of YouTube tutorials, you cannot go wrong with Michelle Phan. When it comes to Halloween she is Queen, ultimate guru, fountain of wisdom (excuse my shameless obsessing). Michelle has made videos teaching us how to achieve every possible Halloween look you can think of. From variations of your classic zombies and skeletons, to characters from the likes of Game of Thrones, The Wizard of Oz, James Bond, and all your favourite Disney characters, Michelle’s got it covered.

If, however, none of her ideas float your boat, try Emma Pickles, Jamie Genevieve, or Promise Phan (who has two channels, so twice the tutorials!); all of whom make fabulous face paint look easy.

When it comes to making your costume vision a reality, Bristol’s got loads of great fancy dress shops in walking distance of Uni. Chaplin’s Fancy Dress, located near Harbourside, has everything you desire. With tons of wigs, hairsprays and every imaginable colour of face paint, you’ll be all set!

(Photo credits: Pinterest)

If inspiration hasn’t struck yet, and you’re still not sure whether you’re committed enough to go for one of these dramatic looks, have a read of Amanda Lim’s  Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween for tips and tricks you can use to achieve Halloween costume glory with what’s already in your makeup bag!

So, this Halloween, ditch the shop-bought costumes and settle no longer for the typical eyeliner-drawn-on nose and whiskers. Embrace the potential of Halloween beauty and get creative!