The Curative Power of... Female Friendships


Our fingers intertwine as I feel her hand clasp mine, 

“We will get through this” I say knowing it will be fine. 

“The love you have around you, from us, the women in your life, 

Will hold you up above this like a beacon of light”

I realise in that moment that us girls have a power, 

Female friendships will teach you how to love under this beautiful shower, 

Of positives words, compliments and endless emotions expressed, 

From big grand gestures, 

To drunk girls in toilets slurring ‘I love your dress!”. 

There’s no bitchy comments or side eye glances, 

Because if you’re struggling you know the chances, 

That we’ve all been there before and we are here to look after, 

No matter what pain, argument or disaster. 

Female friendships give me comfort, they shower my world with love, 

Because all I need is my girls to tell me its alright, 

And some days that’s enough. 


When thinking about what comforted me, what made me grateful after a long day or what was a source of happiness within my life – I realised that it is the true and deep love that us women are lucky to experience. Whilst others may find certain activities; baking, exercising, dancing to be a truly curative power, I simply couldn’t imagine doing any of those things without the female friends I have around me. It made me realise, and whilst understandably not every woman has a close group of female friends, it is something that truly impacts my life most positively. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at University to find all of your girlfriends sat round the table laughing and chatting. There is no one and nothing more than I find comforting than the sheer lack of judgement and prejudice that some girls have, and those who will always strive to help you. Or simply a long chat on the phone to my Mum or my sister about all the silly things that had happened to me that day. The curative power of female friendships has helped me through so many hardships, alongside some awful, slightly hilarious events that have occurred during my first year of University that I’m sure we will laugh about in the future. Never have I felt more worry free when chatting to my friends about something I'm struggling with and never have I felt happier when a contagious laugh sets off among us when we realise we are giggling about nothing.

While women may get slated and accused of having bitchy and two-faced friendships, I have never witnessed so much girl love since coming to University. The help you receive on a night out by random girls always makes my night; whether you're crying for no reason, think you've lost all your posessions or falling over, there will always be a girl that smiles along with you. With Valentine’s day (or Galentines Day!) fast approaching its important to remember the love and support that so many of us experience purely from the women in our life. The female friendships that I am lucky enough to have in my life will always be a curative power, one that comforts me and encourages me. 

Women are powerful, and when acting together and helping eachother they become even more powerful.