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Campus Celeb: Annisha Jhatakia

Annisha Jhatakia is a first year Law student at Bristol. She is currently running for Diversity Officer at the University of Bristol Law Society. The role is focused on promoting diversity and awareness within UBLC through socials such as the cultural lunch, a showcase and sponsored conferences. We had a chat with Annisha to find out what her plans for UBLC are, and what she would bring to the role next year!

What changes would you bring to the role?

In terms of socials and events there is currently nothing on offer for disabled or financially disadvantaged students so I would want to address this. I would also like an event that is not just focused on specific marginalised groups, rather one that brings everyone together so we are not singling anyone out. The Women in Law event is undermined by prejudices towards feminism, so I would want to promote the event more positively so that more people are encouraged to go. Finally, I would like a social in the first term to introduce my role as diversity officer – not many people know of the role’s existence until the second term!

And how have you enjoyed the events on offer at UBLC this year?

They’ve been really good, really engaging, especially the law ball. UBLC are really good at promoting networking and careers but I do feel that a little bit more could be done to promote all kinds of students. We are quite a diverse body of students. We have a lot of international students who don’t tend to come to events as much as UK students. So I would try to increase engagement with the international student body.

How do you find being a woman in law at Bristol?

Law courses are actually more female dominated however this does not translate to the workplace. Only 24.5% of people in judiciary, the legal sector of the government, are women. Obviously it does take time to increase numbers but I do think being a woman in law is difficult. Professions such as barristers and advocacy are predominantly taken up by white, well-educated private school men, so women do have to try a bit harder, which shouldn’t be the case.

Who are your women role models?

Can they be characters? They are all going to be from law programmes! I would say Olivia Pope from Scandal, she is so determined and passionate. Also, Alicia Florrick from The Good Wife. She is a lawyer married to someone in congress and has spent her life in his shadow then divorces him and sets up her own law firm – she is very driven.

So what are your plans for after uni?

I’m going to take another gap year and do some volunteering work working with children as I love travelling. Then I plan on going into commercial law, probably working in employment. And finally, what do you do at uni outside of Law? I do rowing, I’m a cox which is really fun. Being a cox is probably why I’m quite outspoken. I spend a lot of time shouting at boys, which has definitely helped me learn to stand my ground as a woman! 

To find out more about Annisha’s campaign head to her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/452182098262557/. 

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