Caitlin Moran’s New Book Moranifesto Is Finally Here!

The 10th March was a day I had long anticipated. Unfortunately, it was not a birthday or an anniversary. But it was something that had been waited for not just by me, but by a great deal of the general public. On the 10th March, Caitlin Moran’s Moranifesto was published.

For those of you who may yet not have been acquainted with the woman whom GQ has named "the first lady of feminism", Caitlin Moran is an award-winning columnist and critic; was named The Observer’s young reporter of the year aged 15. She landed a regular column at The Times at the age of just 18. Her book, How To Be A Woman, was published in 2011 to rave reviews, as was her semi-autobiographical novel, How to Build a Girl, published in 2014. She also used to fashion deck chairs for her Barbie and Ken dolls out of sanitary pads. This is a woman who has truly spread her wings (in both the metaphorical and sanitary sense). Her prose style is relatable, funny, and most importantly, thought provoking; she has been (and continues to be) a dominant voice in feminist discussions in this century.

(Photo Credit: Caitlin Moran)

So, what is Moranifesto all about? I’ll let Caitlin tell you herself.

Moran’s new book seems to be doing something new. Instead of complaining about the current state of affairs in the world, in politics, in feminism (which is something I think many of us are prone to doing), here she is coming up with active solutions. They may be hare-brained, eclectic and unusual, as Moran’s ideas tend to be, but importantly, the ideas in Moranifesto are pro-active, and will hopefully encourage not just personal musings or discussions, but collective action.

Curious? Watch more of "the first lady of feminism" in action at her event at the Women of the World (WOW) on International Women’s Day at London Southbank centre. Then, go out and buy Moranifesto.