5 things to do this reading week


1. File your work

Whether you write your notes by hand or on a laptop, filing is essential. So while you have a bit of free time, its definitely worth organising your uni work – trust me, you’ll be thankful later. 

On a laptop, create a folder called TB1, and inside that folder make one for each unit you are studying, then simply put the work into its designated folder. 

With handwritten notes, sometimes the best way is to spread everything you have out on the floor. Make piles for each unit and, where possible, try to order them chronologically too. Grab a hole puncher for any hand-outs and some dividers for your folder and get filing. As you file the notes, check for any scruffy notes and use this time to neaten them up. Take a ruler to underline headings, and some highlighters to emphasise key points.

Click here for some inspiration and further tips on filing.


2. Tidy your room

It can be a bit boring, but it’s so worth it. Chances are, by this point in the term your room is in a bit of a state – I know mine is! Recycle the scraps of paper on your desk, fold and put away the clothes on your floor, take the dirty crockery to the kitchen and, if you’re feeling extravagant, run the vacuum cleaner around your room. 

3. Do something you wouldn’t normally do

Take a day or even just a couple of hours doing something you wouldn’t normally do in term time. If you stay at uni, explore your city! Go for a walk in a new park, visit a sight or go to a museum or gallery. Many galleries have student discounts and there are plenty of brilliant free exhibitions on too. 


4. Spend time 

In the run up to reading week, you are bound to have been busy with deadlines, and will likely have spent less time with your uni mates or talking to family and friends further afield. Make an effort to contact those you haven’t talked to so much recently, schedule in a video call, and spend time with friends who are around. 

5. Relax 

Of course it is important to do some productive things in the week, but make sure also to relax. After reading week, deadlines come in thick and fast and the festive period is always hectic with events. It is a fun, but also very busy period, so make sure you take some time to have a proper rest. Have a couple of early nights and a pamper evening to rejuvenate yourself before the second half of the semester.


Enjoy your reading week!