5 Affordable Winter Transition Pieces


October is always one of those months that creeps up on you unannounced and, as the days get colder, not only does it mean detaching yourself from simpler outfits and accepting chilly walks home after a night out, but actually thinking about layers so you don’t freeze. Despite student loans dropping recently, I speak for myself here, a month in already the balance isn’t the healthiest; not enough for a full new wardrobe, anyway. I’ve rounded up a few transition pieces that you probably already own or, if not, can stretch to if you give that next Taka Taka a miss (as hard as that may be).


A Red Jumper


ASOS - £30


Bright red seems to be appearing in so many shops at the moment and is so easy to wear. Rolling out of bed, throwing on a red jumper and pairing it with something a bit plainer (skinnies or flares) and you’re sorted. A slightly thinner red jumper tucked into a leather skirt for evening is another reliable combination that will keep you warm.


A pair of check trousers


Pull & Bear - £22.99


Worn with a black jumper and trainers for a lecture or as a step up from the standard ‘nice top and jeans’ for drinks, these are easily the most versatile piece of clothing you will own. Pull & Bear do loads of amazing elasticated ones currently - which could pass for pajamas given how comfortable they are.



Missguided £12


Everyone has at least one of these and, if not, they’re so affordable you can justify stocking up in a few colours. Layer them underneath dungarees, dresses or jumpsuits – anything will work. There’s no need to put away all the summery clothes you thought you wouldn’t get a chance to wear, and/or spend money on all the long sleeve versions of the previously mentioned.



Primark £6, Primark £4,


For not much more than a subway meal deal you’d be surprised at the range of scarves available in shops – of course, Primark has to get a mention here. Adding a colourful scarf over a denim jacket and jeans makes you look like you’ve put in some thought to what you’re wearing when, really, you haven’t at all.



Bershka, £24.99


Probably the best thing to make a comeback this year is flares. Many of you have maybe laughed at the possibility, maybe denied ever buying another pair of flares since the ones you used to wear religiously back in year 5. But; once you realise how easily they can be worn –be it with a bandeau on a night out or with an oversized t-shirt (the men’s section is always going to be cheaper) you will regret not jumping on this bandwagon sooner.