2 Fun and Funky Vegan Snacks

Spice up the daily grind with these unusual ideas for middle of the day snacking:

1. Baba Ganoush

This is a delicious, smoky Middle-Eastern dip which goes perfectly with pitta or other flat breads.


3 aubergines, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp tahini, 1 lemon (juice), 3 tbsp olive oil, A handful of parsley leaves (optional)


Chop up the aubergines and roast them in the oil for around 30 minutes, or until soft and cooked through.

Crush the garlic cloves and add them, along with the tahini and lemon juice, to the roasted aubergines. In a bowl, either mix the soft flesh with the other ingredients using a fork, or use a blender if you would prefer a smoother result.

Finish by seasoning with salt and pepper, and add some fresh parsley if you have it.

(Photo credit: SeriousEats)

2) Sweet Potato Hummus

This is a gorgeous variety on ordinary hummus, which makes a perfect snack with either pitta bread or crudités.


1 can of chickpeas, 2 medium sweet potatoes, 3 tbsp olive oil, 3 tbsp tahini, 3 cloves garlic, 1 lemon (juice), 1 tsp paprika


Start by peeling the sweet potatoes, then slicing into large chunks and roasting in the oven in the olive oil for around 40 minutes, or until tender.

Then, combine all the other ingredients either in a large bowl (if you have a hand blender), or in a food processor, and blend everything together until it reaches a smooth and light consistency.

Season to taste!

(Photo credit: nirvanabakery)

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