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What to do in Brighton this Spring / Summer for FREE?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brighton chapter.

With the weather warming up, it is tempting to head outdoors and see what is going on in the community. Brighton is one of the best places to spend this spring / summer – though I might be biased ;) 

The easiest thing to do is taking a stroll down the road and exploring your neighbourhood. You never know what you might see during one of your random walks. You might come up to a hidden spot perfect for reading or find a quaint café you’d never known existed! 

If you are up for it, why not go for a longer walk or even hike around Brighton. Home to the South Downs National Park, you can find loads of hiking trails, or maybe go on an ambitious birdwatching spree. If that feels daunting, amble along Queens ParkWild ParkStanmer Park or Preston Park, to name a few.  

Why not have a picnic in one of these parks, or maybe at The Level, if being close to the city is your thing. Walk along the paths and stumble upon amazing graffiti and artwork. Take a look around Woodvale Crematorium for an unforgettable experience.  

If you are an early bird, why not go along at dawn to catch the sunrise and maybe have an early sea swim. If that is not your thing, go along and marvel at the sunset later on. Saunter along the pebble beaches of Brighton, and soak up some sunshine, though it can get windy at times. Gaze at the wind farms in the distance if you are out on a clear day. Head into the Rampion Visitor Centre for a free information session. Walk along the Brighton Palace pier and catch some amazing views. Sign up for a free walking tour in central Brighton. Another lazy activity to do is to take an aimless stroll along the Lanes in Brighton or relax in the Royal Pavilion Gardens

Want to stay fit while enjoying the sites? Grab a bike and ride along the seafront or along the numerous bike trails to take in the views. Explore the Brighton Marina harbour.

If you are more of the kind that enjoys volunteering and charity work, sign up for a beach clean or set up your own event to do your part for the community. 

What if it is that kind of day, with constant rain and high winds? Fear not, there are loads of free things to do indoors too. Venture into the museums around Brighton. Take a look at the Booth Museum of Natural Historyto see a range of stuffed creatures or pop into the Fishing Museum to take a peek at the history of the city or check out the Old Police Cells Museum

If you are willing to spend a bit of money, take a bus further afield to see the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs or Devil’s Dyke.

Brighton has a lot of free spots whether you want to marvel at ancient architecture, relax in nature, have a dip in the sea, hike along famous trails or bike around the city. It is a hub of entertainment and is a must visit especially for cash strapped students looking for a budget friendly destination. Enjoy!

Hello, I am Himaya, an English Literature and Creative Writing student. I come from Sri Lanka, and my interests include reading and writing, and just hoarding books in general.