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Spring has officially sprung, meaning we can all finally hang up our winter coats and make way for some fresh trends. With such a long winter behind us, the brightest and boldest trends are in store to bring some joy to our lives. Looking at the recent fashion week shows, the experts on TikTok and the wide array of Pinterest pins, I’ve gathered up all of the hottest trends you need to get behind this spring.


Starting off strong with a consistent staple, denim. But I mean denim everything… denim dresses, denim maxi skirt, double even triple denim! I know this trend pops up every other year, but this year it is more important than ever and has taken the fashion girlies by storm. Its everywhere on the runway and everywhere on the streets, and people love it because it is so versatile. A long denim skirt can be dressed up with heeled boots and a classy sheer top, but also made casual with bright trainers and a baby tee. The double denim look is a fool proof way to always look stylish, and is a ready made outfit that you don’t even really need to think about too much. pair some baggy jeans with a cropped denim jacket, some chunky gold accessories and a white tank and you’re good to go.

SHEER Layering

With the ballet-core and lingerie trends we have been seeing recently, this makes perfect sense and is a beautiful way to bring dimension to your outfits. Celebrities have been experimenting with sheer fabric for quite a while now, so it is exciting that it is beginning to enter the mainstream and with the weather starting to warm up this trend is perfect for day to night wear. A sheer long-sleeve is something you 100% need in you wardrobe and looks perfect with a statement bra underneath if you’re seeking a daring look. This can also be made more modest with a contrasting colour tank top aswell, or even layering multiple sheer pieces over one another.

Floral Appliques

I know, florals for spring… groundbreaking! It seems we can never escape the floral trend every time spring rolls around, but this time it’s something more unique. Big, bold floral appliques have been all over the runway on absolutely everything. Florals in the three dimension bring some excitement to otherwise minimal pieces. Rosettes are a staple that had been seen on chokers, bags, belts and even scrunchies. The chokers look perfect with a strapless top and elevate any look. Big flowers have also been seen on tights and shoes and can bring a whimsical feel to a feminine outfit.


We’ve gone from the y2k trend of the micro-bag to the now striking oversized bag. We can now look trendy and be able to fit more than just a lipgloss in our bag. The runway has featured big fluffy, leather and bold coloured shoulder bags that seriously make a statement. The big oversized bags bring a dramatic energy to a minimal outfit, giving a slouchy grunge vibe to any look. These are also so much more practical and means you can stay stylish on the way to the office, the gym or doing your food shop.


This is definitely a love it or hate it fashion moment but one thing’s for certain and that is that were gonna be seeing super long shorts everywhere this spring and summer. Bermuda shorts, 3/4 lengths and long baggy denim shorts are all over the runway, Pinterest and even the TikTok fashion girls have caught on. The slouchy bermuda style are gonna be styled casual with flat trainers or chunky sandals, perfect for a beach walk, a shopping spree or a quick city break. I’ve seen these dressed up, with the longer, over the knee style being worn with heels and boots. This is a unique look for events or dinner and is reminiscent of the early 2000s, perfect if you’re looking to stand out.


This is a trend we have been seeing for a while with the bright, bold logo motor-cross style jackets but were going to be seeing a lot more of the biker theme. More structures, leather motor-cross jacket are really popular, particularly in muted, pastel shades which is beyond perfect for spring. On the contrast, biker-core also means we’re going to be seeing a lot of black leather. Weather that be jackets, trousers, bags, you name it. It’s going to be everywhere. With this means we’re also going to see a lot of full black outfits I know, nothing new for most of us, but it’s back and better than ever.


This one is absolutely everywhere at the moment, and while it will probably be a micro-trend, I still love it anyway. Particularly on dresses and tops, there has been a lot of big, bouncy ruffles and it’s so girly and playful. This is definitely something that is going to be seen most in occasion wear, with long dramatic ruffles, perfect if you want to look super trendy at a wedding or graduation. I’ve also been seeing the ruffle trend paired with the 3D flower appliques, which is so feminine and perfect for the spring transition.


Baby blue is set to be the new “it” colour for the rest of the year, replacing what sage green has been for the past few years. The tranquil, watery hues are all over the runway, and has also been spotted spotted on celebs like Kylie Jenner. This shade is a spring staple and I’m excited to see it take over the fashion world. I’ve also seen blues leaning in the purple or periwinkle direction, so this trend will for sure be staying all through the summer. Vogue itself described the trend as a soft chromatic, fluid and innocent, with it being described as the colour of the year.


The love heart is going to be a staple on a lot of accessories, graphic tees and jackets. I think we’re going to be seeing this trend a lot on big chunky necklaces, with oversized pendants particularly in silver and red. The statement pendant necklaces have been creeping around for a while, and I believe we’re going to be seeing a lot more big, bold hearts. This trend has also been seen in detailed embroidery, particularly on statement jackets. I personally love this trend, it’s fun and flirtatious, and can bring some excitement to a simple outfit.


A trend I didn’t think we would be seeing again for a long long time but it work and I love it. The short heel trend, pointy ones in particular will be everywhere this season. They pair so well with baggy jeans, an easy way to dress up slouchy denim. Kitten heels are so y2k and instantly make any outfit dainty and chic. I’ve been seeing these paired with not only denim, but mini skirts and shorts. The sling back kitten heel has also been made popular by Dior, and is making it’s way to the mainstream. The great thing about this trend is that these heels are easily found in any charity shop or vintage store.

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with new styles and invest in a fresh wardrobe to ring in the sunny weather. Try some of these trends for yourself and soak up the much needed spring air.

Mollie Pratt

Brighton '23

Hi, I'm Mollie a final year media student living in Brighton. My writing will be all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. My page will range from reviews, styling and a spotlight on the social issues surrounding these industries. <3