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Taylor Swift, a distinguished global pop icon embarked on her highly anticipated ‘The Eras Tour’ in March of this year, spanning an impressive 17 years of music. This tour is set to last until December 2024 and excitingly, she will be gracing Wembley Stadium in June and August 2024 with an 8-show residency. While fans have been relying on TikTok livestreams and social media updates to catch the shows key moments for the last 7 months, the day came on October 13th when The Eras Tour came to cinema screens. As a devoted fan of Taylor since my teen years, I couldn’t contain my excitement and treated myself to a solo date to witness it.

This concert-doc is on another level to what we’ve seen from Taylor before. From insane levels of stage design and visual effects to costume changes specially created for each era and a carefully curated setlist from greatest hits to fan favourites (looking at you All Too Well 10 Minute Version). Since it was opening night of the movie and the fact I had gone alone, a first for me, I had no idea what to expect. I was seated right at the front, ready to take in the spectacle that was about occur on the screen.

And boy, Miss Swift never misses. Her dramatic entrance from under the stage straight into ‘Miss Americana and Heartbreak Prince’, there she is in a glittering bodysuit perfectly capturing the essence of the Lover era. Followed by ‘Cruel Summer’, a scream-in-the-car worthy song, I knew my voice was going to be ruined by the end. However, the audience in the cinema were surprisingly calm compared to what I had originally expected. Even through songs like ‘You Belong with Me’, where she really shows her goofy side and dances with her guitarists, and THE defining Taylor era (for me at least), Reputation where her vocal strength and talent shine through. The audience docility didn’t last for long. As soon as the 1989 era began, a huge group of women had gathered at the front of the screen encouraging everyone to sing and dance along to ‘Style’.

Throughout the entire film, the camera angles are something to be admired. They offered views that no seat in any stadium could offer, due to their incredible close ups and transitions. If you’re not already a fan of Taylor Swift, the drama and exhibition of this entire film is unlikely to convince you if her song writing and musical intelligence haven’t already. The first time watching this film, I was in complete awe of what was before my eyes and didn’t fully take it in, so I did what any normal Swiftie would do and went to see it again. This meant I was able to properly enjoy it, singing along to my favourite songs, very dramatically.

And if you missed it in cinemas, never fear. The Eras Tour movie is coming to a streaming platform on December 13th, so you can enjoy it from your own home. So, gather your fellow Swifties!! Costumes and friendships bracelets recommended.

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