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‘NOTHING ON’, A Naked Spectacle at the I360

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brighton chapter.

If you wanted to be naked with strangers in a glass bubble, 162m above the sea is as good any. That’s what a group of naturists decided when they took the 45 flight on the Brighton I360. As a way to celebrate her one year anniversary, the ‘Nothing On’ event organised a private closing optional event on the Brighton I360.

The company organises nude meet-ups for people in a “safe, friendly environment”, with their events described as a “really positive, life-affirming experience”.

The attraction known locally as the Big Grey Pole opened in 2016 and was designed to be a modern, vertical version of the seaside pleasure pier. The Brighton I360 is one of the city’s most visited paid-for attractions, with more than 1.8 million people taking a flight on the attraction.

Malcolm Cooper, 70, an engineer from Melsham said: ”I love nature and naked events. ‘I love to be seen naked because I’m a naturist, this is the 7th naked event I’m attending this year.”

James Field, 34, a massage therapist from London said he enjoyed spending time with like minded people. “I like crazy people like me, it’s an intriguing event I won’t want to miss for anything in the world”.

Ryan Will, a 57-year-old fitness trainer from Bedfordshire, said: “This was my first experience on the Brighton i360 and it was spectacular and exciting. I love the fact that we got nude after we reached the roof height of the buildings and got dressed before reaching the point on the descent.”

Beverly Hoogan, a 68 year old retired nurse from Hertfordshire said she accompanied her partner and also wants to experience something new on a longer flight.

A spokesman said: “The clothing-optional nature of the evening means it can be enjoyed by anybody. “It’s a fab opportunity to mix as naked people and ‘textiles’ and who knows, maybe we’ll end up with more naked people on the pod than we started with.“

“This unique event is more spectacular because its one of the rare occasions that the time of sunset and private flight aligns. We had a beautiful spring sky whilst the sun disappeared behind the horizon about halfway through the flight.

“As this is a private flight, they got 45 minutes inside the pod compared to the usual 25 minutes for a public flight.  Given the up and down time remain the same, this actually means they were at the top about 4 times longer than usual.  More time to enjoy the beautiful Brighton skyline and another glass of bubbles perhaps”

The event most defiantly strayed away from the usual sophisticated flight up the I360 accompanied by a light lunch hosted by British Airways. Regardless, the event went down successful and left those attended excited for more to come!

Oluwakemi is currently studying masters in Journalism at the University of Brighton. She's a Nigerian and she loves meeting people, learning new cultures and networking. She wants to explore Journalism in the UK as its quite different from where she's coming from.