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Ways To Love Your Vagina
Ways To Love Your Vagina
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5 Sex Toys To Spice Up Your Valentines Day

Whether you’re spending valentine’s day with your partner or by yourself, sex toys are a great way to spice things up. What is defined as the ‘best’ sex toy is always down to personal opinion, so it is always good to experiment with different ones available to see what you enjoy most and what you and your partner (if you have one) prefer the most.  

1. Mini Bullet

The bullet vibrator in my opinion is a great starter sex toy if you’re new to trying them. Bullet vibrators are only little so they’re not intimidating in size, and some come with different speed making them great for clitoral stimulation. Some bullet vibrators also come with finger attachments which are perfect if you’re wanting to introduce sex toys to your partner to spice up the foreplay action between you. Also just like most sex toys they are not vulva exclusive and can be used on men as well which is amazing. Usually, bullet vibrators can range between £7-£14 so are a super budget-friendly option! A good site that offers a range of bullet vibrators is Ann Summers, you can either go in-store and have a look at what they offer or order online where it comes in discrete packaging.   

2. Rabbit vibrator  

For something a little more powerful that provides both penetration and clitoral stimulation, a rabbit vibrator could be your new best friend. Whilst being a little more expensive than bullet vibrators, ranging around £30 they’re worth it – some even have anal stimulators on them if that’s something you’re wanting to try or enjoy.  Even though rabbit vibrators are bigger in size, they can still be beginner-friendly especially if you’re trying out things by yourself. Most rabbits come with different intensity levels and a range of different vibration settings making it likely you’ll find a setting that works for you. I personally like the rabbits that Love Honey offers (you can also use student discount on this site!).  

3. Cock rings  

Firstly, I do not have a penis so I can’t speak personally on how cock rings feel, however knowing people who have tried them as well as trying them out with a partner the reviews all seem positive. They are normally a silicone ring shape with some coming with a vibrator attached. Just like the bullet, some can also come with a range of added extras such as butt plugs, so kind of a great deal if you ask me. Cock rings claim to make erections last longer and can heighten orgasms plus they are another budget-friendly option ranging between £10-£20. In my opinion, they’re not a complicated toy so they’re not intimidating to try out with your partner; again Ann Summers provide a range of affordable vibrating rings that come in different thickness.  

4. Love eggs  

Now, these can be a little more on the pricey side but are fantastic to use with your partner. Love eggs are a small vibration device that is controlled by a remote or if you choose one from higher up the range, an app on your phone. A love egg is inserted inside the vagina sitting around the g-spot area so are great for bringing you to climax, most come with different intensities and patterns so again you or your partner can experiment with what you enjoy the most. Love eggs are very popular because of how discrete they are so if you are feeling very adventurous you can use them when you’re out in public- a frisky way to increase sexual tensions at your Valentine’s dinner. Ranging from £40 – £140, Love Honey provide a range of either remote or app-controlled options.  

5. Wand vibrator 

Wand vibrators have coined the nickname magic wands and I understand why. Many who use wand vibrators absolutely swear by them. These vibrators are quite a level up from the bullet and rabbit so can be a little bit louder (not ideal for those living with paper-thin walls, that’s if you care). Most are rechargeable and come with a range of intensity settings and patterns, they also come with a flexible neck which allows you to stimulate nerve endings effectively. A great toy to either use by yourself or with a partner and some reviews highlight it is good to use for helping people squirt if that is something you are looking to explore. Companies like Ann Summers, Love Honey and Sinful offer different wands varying around £40 upwards so have a look into what you would benefit most from.  

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Sex toys need to be less of a taboo subject with yourself and any partners you may have – you may find they really improve your sex life and who doesn’t want that? They’re a great asset to have in the bedroom to fully spice things up and to also learn what you enjoy and potentially don’t enjoy.  

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