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2022 gave us many iconic trends such as the micro mini skirt, leg warmers and sage green everything. With the new year approaching I’m rounding up some of the trends I think are going to blow up in 2023. Now I’m no expert, but this is everything that I’ve seen emerging on the runway, across social media and on depop.


The clean girl aesthetic is finally starting to lose it’s power, and the days of dainty gold jewellery are over. For the first time in years silver jewellery is beginning to trend again and we can see it making a big comeback in 2023. Silver bags and shoes have already been making statements this party season, so it is no surprise that models and influencers have been stepping out in chunky silver rings, necklaces and earrings. In 2022 we saw the birth of the sci-fi trend with structured streetwear and bold eyewear, so futuristic silver jewellery being a big trend next year makes perfect sense. Fine gold jewellery has been the go-to for so many girls in the past decade but we think that we’re all ready too see some exciting statement silver from now and we can’t wait to see how this trend transitions into the mainstream


The iconic oversized blazer has been a staple in many of our wardrobes for year now, and we think there’s room for a new piece to take over. With structured womenswear showing no signs of going out of style, we believe waistcoats will be the unexpected piece to takeover the fashion industry. Waistcoats have been trending in the Scandinavian fashion scene this year, and we can see them definitely becoming a major trend both in the UK and the US. Particularly in the spring and summer time, we imagine they can be styled for the day time with loose trousers or mini skirt, and dressed up for the night with fitted trousers and heels.


Think about your favourite 2000s chick flick, remember the mismatched patterns and the excessive layering? This is something we are going to be seeing a lot of in 2023. As the Y2K trend seemingly closes it’s curtains after being on such a high the past few years, a new path has been made for a similar nostalgic style. What has been dubbed romcom-core or girl-next-door-core features baggy silhouettes, playful accessories, mini skirts and bright colours. The revival of the princess diaries is perhaps what set this trend off and is already being shared all over pinterest, so I’d join in now if you want to be ahed of the rest.


Cargo trousers have had us all in chokehold over the past two years and we predict this won’t be changing anytime soon. This relaxed style is so wearable for so many people and the trend is 100% here to stay. Cargo pockets were on absolutely everything on the runway this year, not just trousers but skirts, shirts, bags and belts. We think this might also transition to an army core perhaps, with lots of neutral green tones and structured silhouettes.

colourful trainers

This trend is a breath of fresh air as trendy trainers such as the new balance dad shoes and the nike panda dunks that have trended in recent years have always featured plain neutral colours. What I’ve seen on instagram recently is flat shoes such as Adidas gazelles or sambas in really daring colour ways that really make a statement with a causal outfit. This fun trend is an easy way to take an outfit to the next level, and the bright pop of colour compliments the muted colour palette that is at the forefront of fashion trends this year. Now these trainers are already selling out quick so grab some fast if you want to stand out this year.

ribbon chokers

This trend follows on from the ballet-core aesthetic that emerged in 2022 and is very nostalgic of the 2000s. This y2k trend features ribbon chokers with big rosette flowers on them. Not only are these so easy to DIY but make any outfit effortlessly chic, and make a classy statement on evening outfits. We have already started seeing these on Matilda Djerf, Kate Moss and all over the runway so I’m sure this is going to be a big trend this year.

bright tights

Now the best way to describe this one would The Saturday’s music video for Up. Another very daring trend we will be seeing, but also super cute and I’ve already seen a few influencers in bright pink, red and purple tights. With a neutral outfit, or even all black colourful tights create a playful contrast and would definitely make you stand out from the crowd. These types of tights also look so good paired with other matching elements, whether that be accessories or colour coordinating your top to match the tights. I like that we haven’t seen anything like this recently and I’m sure it will be here to stay.

boxer boots

So I have left the most controversial prediction until last, and that is the boxer style boot. Now this certainly isn’t to everyones taste but I have seen these creeping up in the fashion sphere. One style I have seen are the knee high heeled version that can really elevate a simple going out outfit. Another style I’ve seen is the more traditional flat boot, particularly the Adidas ones. These can give a grungy look paired with a mini skirt or shorts and I think we will be seeing these a lot over spring/summer with day to day casual outfits.

Hopefully some of these predictions will be correct, and I love how so many of these are so daring and like nothing we have seen in recent trends. Im definitely giving some of these a try myself and I encourage everyone to do the same and step out of their comfort zone.

Mollie Pratt

Brighton '23

Hi, I'm Mollie a final year media student living in Brighton. My writing will be all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. My page will range from reviews, styling and a spotlight on the social issues surrounding these industries. <3