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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Brenau chapter.

“Who is Adrianna Marie Rivera-Velazquez?”

Recently, I was giving the opportunity to interview a unique, humble, and very special individual. This girl is beautiful inside and outside, but people wonder “What makes her so unique?” From experiencing her such beauty and creativeness, I now know that there is only one Adrianna Rivera-Velazquez. Let me take you to where I was when I was getting to know this one and only individual.

Adrianna Marie River-Velazquez, who is a current student at Brenau University, gives the radiating vibes that she is a extremely unique/humbling individual and there is no one else like her.

When she was asked the question, “Do you think you’re a unique person?”, she replied sarcastically with the answer “Yes, I am a firm believer that people are made unique because they try new things and to me trying is very important.” Also, Adrianna relieved interesting unique things about herself like speaking six different languages.

Unlike a lot of college students, Adrianna expressed the importance of humbleness through the cruciality of her being thankful for everything and she even said she could have less and still be profoundly happy and grateful. Adrianna says that she learned these things from her father through events like her complaining for dinner and her father would respond to her complaints with remarks like “Well, some people want a roof over their heads right now, but they can’t have that.”

Invisibility and/or being a mind reader were some of the superpowers that Adrianna would choose if she could have superpowers. She chose those superpowers based on her helpful and so caring spirit. Adrianna said “I would choose those powers because, if someone is having a bad day or feeling down, I could easily figure out what’s wrong with them and help.”

With this so open minded and free spirit of Adrianna’s, she elaborated more on aliens and how, if she ever got the chance, she would learn the ways of their world instead of being on Earth. When asked the question “Do you think the person to the right of you would have answered these questions the same as you?”, Adrianna replied confidently with, “No, because we have two different mindsets and we are both passionate about our own individual beliefs.”

Amazingly presented with the biggest smile in the world, Adrianna continues to prove to Brenau University and everyone here that she is as unique as ever and that’s because no one could live their life exactly how she lives hers.

Azayla B. Rodriguez


Hello everyone,  My name is Azayla Rodriguez and I'm a Junior at Brenau University. I am majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and Media. Also, my minor is Dance.  I've been dancing since I was 4 years old and it is truly a passion for me. My other passion is writing along with music. I found my passion for writing as a Junior is high school and I found my niche for feature/magazine writing my second year at Brenau.  I hope you all enjoy my blogs!
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